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Probably one of the most famous fragrances from Hugo Boss, Boss Orange is an iconic 2000s perfume. There is a limited edition called Boss Orange Sunset, this article compares it to the original Boss Orange, explains what each smells like and where to buy them.

Boss Orange

Boss Orange actually doesn’t contain any orange! The main note is Orange Blossom which comes from the flowers of the Bitter Orange tree (my article on Orange Blossom perfumes, and the best Orange perfumes).

A top note of Red Apple has an Orange quality to it, and creates a fresh and fruity opening. There is also a Vanilla fragrance note which combines with Orange Blossom to bring out a lovely warm, sweet quality.

Hugo Boss Orange Sunset

Hugo Boss Orange Sunset does have Orange as its main note. It has replaced the Red Apple note and also the Orange Blossom. There is still a floral heart note, but the main notes in Hugo Boss Orange Sunset are Orange and Vanilla.

Sienna Miller for Boss Orange

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