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It has been many years since Prada last released a new pillar fragrance. 2022 saw their major launch of the new Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum with huge campaigns across the world which feature Emma Watson as the face of the fragrance. 2023 sees the launch of Prada Paradoxe Intense, which is a heavier version of the original.

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Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum

There appears to be a trend at the moment for Vanilla and Jasmine fragrances; with Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune, Mugler Alien Goddess, and Valentino’s Voce Viva all following this similar theme.

Personally, although Tangerine and Orange Blossom are listed as key notes, I don’t think they’re particularly noticeable in the fragrance mix. Instead, I immediately get a hit of Jasmine (reminiscent of Alien Eau de Toilette), followed by a warm Amber and Vanilla.

These three fragrance notes are pretty constant and remain the dominant notes throughout the life of the fragrance. I found that Prada Paradoxe lasted well on my skin and had good projection. I know a lot of people have found it lasted well and as a result I think it will become a best seller; as people try it in store and return to buy it having been impressed with its longevity.

Prada Paradoxe is refillable which means you only need to buy the triangular shaped perfume bottle once. After that you can purchase the larger refill bottle which is better value for money. Prada Paradoxe comes in three sizes; 30ml, 50ml and 90ml, plus the 100ml refill bottle.

Prada Paradoxe Intense

2023 sees the release of the first flanker of Paradoxe; Prada Paradoxe Intense. This version of the fragrance really focuses on the deep amber note from the original and adds oakmoss and some synthetic ingredients which really help the fragrance last. The citrus top notes and jasmine heart of the original are still present but aren’t as dominant. I think if you’re looking for a stronger version of the original then Paradoxe Intense is for you!

Emma Watson for Prada Paradoxe

Emma Watson was the face of one of my favourite perfumes; Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose. It came out about ten years ago so I wonder whether Emma had signed a ten year contract with Lancôme which has now ended making her free to sign with Prada.

I understand that Emma Watson directed the commercial for Prada Paradoxe; her directorial debut.

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