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Caramel perfumes are warm, feminine and ideal for wearing during the winter time. The sweetness of the Caramel can be so comforting on a cold day, but also sexy if you’re looking for a date night perfume. Caramel is used in many fragrances but there are only a few where it is the main note. This article outlines the best Caramel perfumes and links to where you can get them.

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Prada Candy

There have been a number of different versions of Prada Candy over the years, but the original is the only one which I think is still in production. Prada Candy Eau de Parfum is a slightly powdery Caramel perfume which comes in a unique bottle that’s instantly recognisable. I love the 1960s theme to the Prada Candy campaign, and the powdery Caramel scent makes me imagine what a girl from the swimming 60’s dressing room would smell like.

Prada Candy is famine and quite sexy, it could be worn during the day but I tend to recommend it more for the night time and colder months. Check out my review of the entire Prada Candy perfume range; and if you like chocolate perfumes, Prada Candy Night is definitely one to try because it really smells like Chocolate!

Viktor & Rolf BonBon

Personally, I think Prada Candy and Viktor & Rolf BonBon smell quite similar. I think the main difference is that it’s slightly less powdery and has an Orange Blossom note which is noticeable but not too strong, especially when compared to the main Caramel fragrance.

There are a few different versions of BonBon; they all come in the bow shaped perfume bottle and often there is a cute limited edition released for Christmas time; check out my article on the entire BonBon perfume range.

Nina Ricci Luna

Caramel is included in many of the Nina by Nina Ricci perfumes, but it’s their Luna fragrance which really has Caramel as the star of the show.

Nina Ricci Luna is rich and warm with Vanilla and a hint of Licorice adding to the Caramel perfume note. Wild Berries and Orange Blossom create a feminine top note which stops Luna becoming overly sweet or sickly.

I think Nina Ricci Luna is discontinued but it can still be found online at Notino, The Fragrance Shop, Amazon, and

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy is an iconic fragrance which always takes me back to my teenage years when everyone at high school wanted it! I also find it quite similar to Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia so often recommend it as an alternative because it’s sold at a much more affordable price.

Similar to Nina Ricci Luna, Viva La Juicy combines Caramel and Wild Berries to create a fruity sweet Caramel perfume. The lasting power and projection of Viva La Juicy are excellent; making it great value for money!

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