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Nina by Nina Ricci was one of the first perfumes I ever had and as a result it holds a special place in my fragrance memory. It’s unique apple-shaped bottle is instantly recognisable; it represents the fun and fruity fragrance which it contains. There have been countless versions of the Nina perfume, at the moment there are 12 different Nina fragrances available; this article reviews each and identifies where they can be purchased. I have a separate article on the Nina Ricci Luna and Bella perfumes.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Nina2006Green Apple, Praline, Peony
Nina L’eau / Fraiche2013Apple, Grapefruit, Cherry
La Tentation de Nina2014Raspberry Macaroon
Les Délices de Nina2015Strawberry, Caramel, Praline
Nina Pop2015Green Apple, Praline, Peony
Les Gourmandises de Nina2017Pina Colada, Caramel, Praline
Les Monstres de Nina 2018Cotton Candy, Praline, Cassis
Nina Rouge2019Raspberry, Caramel
Nina Rose2020Orange Blossom, Neroli, Jasmine
Nina Rose Garden2021Neroli, Orange Blossom, Pear
Nina Extra Rouge2021Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Caramel
Nina Soleil2022Whipped Cream, Vanilla, Gardenia
Nina Fleur2022Lemon, Apple, Orange Blossom

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Nina by Nina Ricci is a sweet fruity fun fragrance. As the apple-shaped perfume bottle indicates, there is an Apple perfume note which is very noticeable at first. This is followed by a sweet Praline mixed with feminine floral Apple Blossom and Peony fragrance notes.

Nina is an Eau de Toilette so it requires topping up after a few hours. I recommend it for the day time and for someone looking for a fun and feminine scent which makes you smile.

Nina L’eau

Nina L’eau (sometimes called Nina Fraiche) is like the original Nina with the Praline taken out. It’s a fresh Apple, Grapefruit, and Orange followed by a fruity Cherry note. There is a floral Gardenia and Apple Blossom undertone which adds femininity.

For me, Nina L’eau is a fresh, light, and very pretty fragrance which is much more subtle than Nina Eau de Toilette.

L’eau Nina is discontinued but still available here.

La Tentation de Nina

La Tentation de Nina is like walking into a sweet shop. Imagine eating a Raspberry Macaroon and you’re close to the scent of La Tentation de Nina. The fragrance has Vanilla and Almond undertones as well which add a warmth to the sweetness. The Raspberry and a Lemon note provide a nod to the original Apple scent of the original Nina perfume however, this is quite a different smell.

La Tentation de Nina is discontinued but still available here.

Les Délices de Nina

Les Délices de Nina is a lovely Strawberry perfume. It kind of reminds me of a sweeter version of Marc Jacobs Daisy Intense (my article on the Daisy perfume range).

Strawberry is combined with Raspberry and Caramel Praline to create a fruity sweetness (as the marketing indicates!).

Les Délices de Nina is a young and fun sweet-shop perfume which comes in a cool pink bottle with gold dripping down it.

Nina Pop

Nina Pop is a limited edition bottle containing the original Nina fragrance. Nina Pop is discontinued but available here.

Les Gourmandises de Nina

Les Gourmandises translates to sweets (aka Candy) in English. For me though, Les Gourmandises de Nina is more of a tropical fragrance; it smells like Pina Colada! There is also a hint of Passionfruit and a sweet Caramel Praline base which has the same DNA as the original Nina Eau de Toilette.

Les Gourmandises de Nina was released alongside Les Gourmandises de Luna. Les Gourmandises de Nina is discontinued but still available here.

Les Monstres de Nina

Les Monstres de Nina
Les Monstres de Nina

Les Monstres de Nina is a sweet Cotton Candy scent. The Parline and Apple DNA of the original Nina is still present, but in Les Monstres de Nina it’s made sweeter with the Cotton Candy as well as a hint of Coffee and Tonka Bean.

Alongside the Nina version a Luna Blossom, and a Luna version were released in the Les Monstres de Nina collection. They all come with a fluffy pom-pom!

The Les Monstres de Nina perfumes are discontinued but still available here.

Nina Rouge

Nina Rouge comes in a gorgeous shiny red apple perfume bottle which looks like a candy apple. The scent is a Raspberry followed by the signature Nina Caramel DNA and a Bourbon Vanilla.

Personally, I prefer the newer Nina Extra Rouge because its an Eau de Parfum and lasts longer.

Nina Rose

Nina Rose is completely different to its predecessors in the Nina perfume range. There are no sweet notes, instead this is all about the florals.

Confusingly, Nina Rose doesn’t have any Rose perfume notes in it (Rose is ‘Pink’ in French). Instead the scent is Orange Blossom, Jasmine and a Citrus and Neroli top note.

Nina Rose is pretty but not very strong. I recommend it for someone looking for a simple floral scent for the daytime.

Nina Rose Garden

Nina Rose Garden is a Limited Edition version of Nina Rose. With its cute gingham bow its one of my favourite Nina perfume bottles.

The scent however isn’t particularly special. It focuses on the Neroli from the original Nina Rose which alongside a slightly fruity Orange Blossom and Pear creates a pretty but forgettable perfume.

Nina Extra Rouge

Nina Extra Rouge is a Raspberry and Blackcurrant delight. Any fans of fruity berry fragrances like me, should definitely check it out.

The original Praline DNA is noticeable in the base and works well with the berry notes. Nina Extra Rouge is an Eau de Parfum so it has better lasting power than Nina Rouge. In a way it reminds me of the discontinued Nina L’Elixir.

Nina Soleil

Nina Soleil is one of the sweetest in the Nina perfume range. Its a Whipped Cream perfume; there is a hint of a floral Gardenia and Vanilla but really it’s all about a sweet Whipped Cream.

It almost reminds me of a plain vanilla ice cream flavour.

Nina Fleur

Nina Fleur
Nina Fleur

The second Nina perfume to be released in 2022; Nina Fleur is all about Orange Blossom. There are also plenty of Lemon fragrance notes in Nina Fleur with Neroli and a Green Apple top note.

Nina Fleur is Vegan and animal-friendly with 92% of its ingredients of natural origin.

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