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Estée Lauder fragrances were typically associate with classic scents like their Youth Dew and White Linen. However, in recent years more modern perfumes have been released by the brand, including Bronze Goddess, Aerin and the Luxury Collection. Beautiful Magnolia is one of my favourites of all the modern Esteé Lauder fragrances. This article explains what Beautiful Magnolia smells like and the difference between the original perfume and the intense version. If you love Magnolia I also have an article on the Best Magnolia Perfumes.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Beautiful Magnolia2021Magnolia, Lotus, Gardenia, Solar Notes, Rose
Beautiful Magnolia Intense2022Iris, Violet, Magnolia, Vanilla, Leather, Patchouli
Beautiful Magnolia L’eau2023Mint, Magnolia, Lotus, Lavender

In the US Beautiful Magnolia can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and Ulta. In the UK I recommend LOOKFANTASTIC where you can get 20% off with code LFTFSOKI.

Estée Lauder Beautiful Magnolia

Estée Lauder Beautiful Magnolia is a rare soft floral fragrance which actually has lasting power and projection. Particularly with Magnolia perfumes, I find they often only last an hour or so. Beautiful Magnolia on the other hand provides fresh and aquatic Magnolia and Lotus notes which follow the wearing round for hours.

Beautiful Magnolia is an Eau de Parfum so it has a good concentration of fragrance in it. It also contains a Solar note which is a synthetic creation that creates the sensation of the sun on the skin, as well as providing lasting power.

In my view, Beautiful Magnolia is the perfect Mother’s Day fragrance gift, or gift for yourself. I recommend anyone looking for a feminine every day perfume they can rely upon to try Beautiful Magnolia.

Esteé Lauder Beautiful Magnolia Intense

Beautiful Magnolia Intense is very different to the original Beautiful Magnolia perfume. Although Magnolia is included in the mix, it is a strong Iris note which makes up the majority of the scent.

Another new note is a Violet which alongside the Iris creates quite a powdery feel.

There are similarities and echos of Lancôme’s Oui La Vie Est Belle which was also released in 2022.

There is a hint of Vanilla and Leather alongside Patchouli in the base of the fragrance.

Beautiful Magnolia L’eau

The third fragrance in the range, Beautiful Magnolia L’eau is a refreshing summer fragrance. It has an uplifting mint top note which is perfect for humid days when you need a fresh perfume. The signature Magnolia and Lotus notes of the original Beautiful Magnolia accompany the mint so it feels like a fresher take on the Eau de Parfum. Beautiful Magnolia L’eau is an Eau de Toilette so it doesn’t have the lasting power of the previous two versions.

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