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Estée Lauder released Modern Muse in 2013 with a marketing campaign feature a young Kendall Jenner. It felts like this was the brand’s attempt to create a fragrance for a younger market than its traditional fragrances. Since Modern Muse they have released Beautiful Magnolia which I love, and Bronze Goddess remains iconic; after these two ranges Modern Muse was my favourite. This article explains the difference between the seven versions of Modern Muse, what each smells like and where you can still buy them.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Modern Muse2013Orange, Jasmine, Patchouli, Musk
Modern Muse Chic2014Jasmine, Leather, Oud, Ebony
Modern Muse Le Rouge2015Rose, Vanilla, Musk, Pink Pepper
Modern Muse Parfum2015Jasmine, Patchouli, Musk
Modern Muse Eau de Rouge2016Spicy Rose, Pink Pepper
Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss2016Raspberry, Vinyl, Honey, Pink Pepper
Modern Muse Nuit2016Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Patchouli

Modern Muse

Modern Muse is a clean, feminine scent suitable for any occasion and perfect for the office.

After an initial Orange top note, Modern Muse becomes a Jasmine fragrance which is pretty and not overly strong. As the scent develops a Musky Patchouli base is left behind.

Modern Muse Chic

Modern Muse Chic is a more serious and grown-up version of Modern Muse. The white floral Jasmine heart remains but a Plum replaces the Orange opening note. The key difference is the use of Leather, Oud and Ebony wood; all quite wintery, deep notes.

I think Modern Muse Chic is classy and would be appropriate for work. It also has a slightly mysterious, sexy undertone which means it could be used in the evening too.

Modern Muse Chic is discontinued but still available at The Fragrance Shop.

Modern Muse Le Rouge

Modern Muse Le Rouge has a makeup-like smell, similar to the Estée Lauder lipstick scent.

Pink Pepper mixes with the signature Modern Muse Jasmine note, a Saffron and Musky Vanilla.

Modern Muse Le Rouge is discontinued but still available at Notino.

Modern Muse Parfum

Modern Muse Parfum

A Parfum version of Modern Muse was released in 2013. This is a more concentrated version of the original Modern Muse. Modern Muse Parfum is now discontinued.

Modern Muse Eau de Rouge

Modern Muse Eau de Rouge is a spicy Rose fragrance. Vetiver and Pink Pepper mix with a May Rose (a variety which tends to be spicy – for more information on the types of rose in perfume check out my rose perfume article).

Modern Muse Eau de Rouge is discontinued but still available at Amazon and Walmart.

Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss

Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss is my personal favourite in the Modern Muse range because it smells just like lipstick! I love fragrances which smell like makeup and I was sad when Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss was discontinued (it is still available at Notino).

A unique Vinyl fragrance note creates the almost plastic smell of cosmetics, this is combined with Raspberry, Honey and Pink Pepper to create something very unique.

I recommend checking out Juliette Has A Gun Lipstick Fever if you’re looking for a replacement for Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss.

Modern Muse Nuit

Modern Muse Nuit
Modern Muse Nuit

Modern Muse Nuit is a deep fragrance which feels slightly masculine. Tonka Bean and Vanilla create a slightly boozy feel to the fragrance which is serious and sexy, along a similar line to Modern Muse Chic.

Kendall Jenner for Estée Lauder Modern Muse

Kendall Jenner was hired as the face of Modern Muse for its launch in one of her first big cosmetic deals rumoured to be worth at least $1 million.

Soki London

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