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The Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess range will always be associated with summertime for me. It’s iconic scent sums-up the feel of vacations; its a move have in my suitcase whenever I go somewhere warm. At the moment there are four different versions of the Bronze Goddess perfume. This article explains the difference between the fragrances and reviews the body products too.

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PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche2019Tiare Flower, Coconut
Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum2019Coconut, Vanilla, Amber, Tiare Flower
Bronze Goddess Azur2020Neroli, Orange Blossom, Coconut Milk
Bronze Goddess Nuit2022Pepper, Coconut, Tonka Bean
Bronze Goddess L’eau de Lumière2023Lemon Leaf, Jasmine, Coconut
Bronze Goddess Flora Verde2024Coconut Water, Tropical Flowers

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche is the iconic coconut scent I always think of whenever ‘Bronze Goddess’ is mentioned.

Alongside the tropical coconut perfume note is Tiare Flower; this is an exotic flower which grows in hot climates. The combination of the two is fresh yet warm, and reminds me of sipping a Pina Colada on the beach.

Some people find coconut fragrances a bit intense (think Ariana Grande Cloud or Dolce Garden), but Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche isn’t overwhelming or overly sweet.

Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum

Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum is deeper and stronger than Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche. The same Coconut and Tiare Flower perfume notes are very much still there, but Amber and Vanilla scents are equally strong which add warmth and sweetness to the fragrance composition.

Being an Eau de Parfum I find this version of Bronze Goddess lasts longer than Eau Fraiche. Perhaps the Eau de Parfum is best for night and Eau Fraiche for the day on the beach.

Bronze Goddess Azur

The discontinued Bronze Goddess Azur reminds me of a high-end spa. It’s quite different to the previous two versions because its an aromatic scent. The Coconut is still in the mix but its a much more subtle coconut milk. The main notes are Orange Blossom and Neroli with a hint of salt. Azur is refreshing and classy. I also think it could be easily combined with the other’s in the range to add a fresher vibe.

Bronze Goddess Nuit

2022 saw the release of Bronze Goddess Nuit Eau de Parfum. This is a slightly warmer version of the original Bronze Goddess; the Tiare Flower has been removed and instead we see the Coconut mixed with Tonka Bean.

There is also a salty Ambroxan note which adds a slightly creamy feel to the fragrance.

Overall, this isn’t significantly different to the other Bronze Goddess fragrances and could definitely be layered with all of them.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess L’eau de Lumière

In 2023 Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess L’eau de Lumière was released. This new fragrance is the lightest version of Bronze Goddess so far and is super refreshing. The main note in my view is a gorgeous lemon leaf scent which creates a fresh and calming tone. Rather than a typical lemon scent which is quite sharpe, Bronze Goddess L’eau de Lumière add a touch of aromatic green vibes to the fragrance mix which is reminiscent of Bronze Goddess Azur.

The lasting power and strength of Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess L’eau de Lumière are definitely less than its predecessors, so I recommend this for laying or wearing on very hot days,

Bronze Goddess Flora Verde

If you’re looking for a light, floral summer perfume then Bronze Goddess Flora Verde could be a good option. The signature DNA of the original Bronze Goddess fragrance is present, however the coconut isn’t sweet as there is no vanilla in the base. Tropical flowers; primarily ylang-ylang and gardenia make up the heart of the perfume which creates a soft and sparkling floral accord.

Bronze Goddess Collection

There are a number of Bronze Goddess body and make-up products which are ideal for vacation and summer time just like the fragrance.

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