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Tiare Flower is one of my personal favourite fragrance notes. I find it a perfectly tropical scent which I always turn to for vacations and summer time here in the UK. This article explains what Tiare Flower smells like, where it’s from and recommends the best Tiare Flower perfumes.

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Tiare Flower Origins

Tiare Flower on the Cook Islands Stamp
Tiare Flower on the Cook Islands Stamp

Tiare flower, technically known as ‘Gardenia taitensis’, can also be known as Tahitian Gardenia. Tiare Flower isn’t actually native to Tahiti, though it’s a big part of Tahitian culture today. It’s native to Western Polynesia and Melanesia and is the national flower of French Polynesia and the Cook Islands.

What does Tiare Flower smell like?

Tiare Flower necklaces made in Tahiti
Tiare Flower necklaces made in Tahiti

Tiare Flower has a slightly sweet floral smell which is undeniably tropical. As a white floral its reminiscent of the scent of Tuberose and Gardenia but with a light, almost coconut like creamy undertone.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche
Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche is the iconic coconut scent I always think of whenever ‘Bronze Goddess’ is mentioned. 

Alongside the tropical coconut perfume note is Tiare Flower; this is an exotic flower which grows in hot climates. The combination of the two is fresh yet warm, and reminds me of sipping a Pina Colada on the beach. 

Some people find coconut fragrances a bit intense (think Ariana Grande Cloud or Dolce Garden), but Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche isn’t overwhelming or overly sweet.

Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum

Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum has a lot of similarities with Bronze Goddess. They both have dominant Tiare Flower and Coconut notes. I think the main difference is that Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum has slight more floral notes with Jasmine and Ylang-ylang and Orange Blossom. They certainly have much more in common than they do that’s different; so the accompanying body products could be used with either fragrance.

Bronze Goddess vs Guerlain Terracotta

Britney Spears Blissful Fantasy

The latest addition to the Fantasy range is Britney Spears Blissful Fantasy. This feminine summer scent has tropical Tiare Flower, Fire Lily and Honeydew Melon in; which create a carefree perfume ideal for hot weather.

Tuberose and Jasmine have also been used to help give the fragrance body but its those unusual tropical notes which make Blissful Fantasy an interesting perfume, definitely worth a try!

Britney has some many different versions of her Fantasy perfume now, I’ve reviewed them all in my article on the range.

Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli Eau de Toilette often has a ‘hidden gem’ status as a unique fragrance so I was surprised when Cavalli discontinued it.

It’s a floral, woody Tiare Flower fragrance which smells like it has Jasmine in it, though it doesn’t list it as an ingredient.

If you love Tiare Flower I recommend snapping up a bottle before it disappears forever; it’s available in the US at Amazon and Walmart. For the UK it’s available at Notino and Amazon.

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