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In the realm of perfumery, a select few names rise above the rest, creating not just fragrances but enduring legends that weave themselves into the tapestry of our lives. Estée Lauder is one such iconic name, synonymous with timeless elegance, sophistication, and a commitment to crafting scents that capture the essence of beauty and grace.

For decades, Estée Lauder has been a beacon of luxury and sophistication, known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and the ability to capture the essence of femininity in liquid form. Each Estée Lauder perfume tells a unique story, evoking emotions, memories, and a sense of timeless beauty.

Join me as I delve into the classic Estée Lauder perfume collection, exploring the signature scents that have adorned vanities and delighted senses for generations. From the enduring allure of Youth-Dew to the timeless elegance of White Linen, we’ll uncover the history, inspiration, and olfactory magic that make these fragrances true classics.

In this comprehensive guide, I navigate through a fragrant journey filled with iconic bottles, exquisite scents, and a touch of nostalgia. Whether you’re seeking to rekindle a love affair with a favourite fragrance or discover a new classic to add to your collection, let us embark on a scented adventure through the world of Estée Lauder perfumes—a world where beauty, grace, and elegance are captured in every drop.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Youth Dew1953Spices, Aldehydes, Lavendar
Private Collection1973Green Notes, Oakmoss, Orange Blossom
White Linen1978Lemon, Peach, Sandalwood
Pleasures1995Peony, Freesia, Rose, Jasmine
Aliage1972Citrus, Jasmine, Rose, Nutmeg
Beyond Paradise2003Orange Blossom, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Plum
Cinnabar1978Cloves, Tangerine, Cinnamon, Peach
Intuition2015Rose, Gardenia, Bergamot, Musk
Spellbound1991Tuberose, Benzoin, Rose, Amber
Tuscany Per Donna1992Peach, Plum, Bergamot, Grape Fruit

Table of Contents

Youth Dew

Starting with, Youth Dew, one of most famous classic perfumes by Estée Lauder that has stood the test of time. Introduced in 1953, it’s a heady blend of opulent spices, rich florals, and warm woods; it’s intense and heavy. At first spritz, it may come across as potent, but it gracefully dries down to a subtle warmth. The lasting and projection is fabulous, you could smell this on someone from a mile away. While its vintage vibe might not appeal to everyone, particularly the younger demographic seeking lighter, fresher scents, it holds a nostalgic charm for many. It’s been in the market for 70 years and i’m sure it will make it to 100. 

Private Collection

First unveiled in 1973, this scent was originally Estée’s own private fragrance, capturing green florals with a fresh burst. The top notes of green leaves and citrus are invigorating, seamlessly giving way to a heart of jasmine, narcissus, and rose. Private Collection is a traditional flower perfume, the notes are of flowers that aren’t as much used in today’s perfumes. Its base of amber and wood adds depth, making the fragrance both sophisticated and earthy. Suited for those who appreciate classic, understated luxury, Private Collection evokes a sense of intimacy and nostalgia. Again the lasting is great, I personally really love the dry down.

White Linen

Introduced in 1978, White Linen is a composition of florals harmonised with sharp, clean aldehydes, similar to Chanel No.5. The top notes sparkle with aldehydes, citrus fruits, and green accords, paving the way for a heart rich in rose, and jasmine. White Linen’s classic, airy charm is both timeless and universally appealing, making it as relevant today as it was during its initial release. While undoubtedly a fragrance of its era, with a distinctly vintage flair, it remains a symbol of fresh sophistication. 


Launched in 1995, Pleasures is not as classic as the others. This one is a little bit more modern fresh green fragrance than some of the other ones. The fragrance  has notes of lilacs, and roses, complemented by the exotic touch of green exotic notes and the warmth of exotic wood, but the most dominant note is Lily Of The Valley. Its airy, light composition makes it a go-to choice for those who seek a fresh, invigorating scent. It is a very versatile fragrance in my opinion, it’s suitable for everyday wear and special occasions alike.


Estée Lauder’s Aliage is a green fragrance. Launched in 1972, it was ahead of its time,one of the first fresh perfumes to be released. Aliage is a concoction of brisk green notes, supported by citruses, and then grounded by a mossy-woody base. It has a strong note of vetiver making it very unisex. It gives off an effervescent quality, reminiscent of a brisk walk in a forest. Estée Lauder’s Aliage is perfect for someone looking for a heavy intense green perfume combined with traditional notes.

Beyond Paradise

Estée Lauder’s Beyond Paradise was  introduced in 2003, this is a jasmine dominant perfume. The scent has blend of Eden’s Mist, blue hyacinth, and orange flower templar.  The dry down, with hints of Zebrano wood and Golden Melaleuca bark, stays on for a long period of time. Beyond Paradise is an olfactory tapestry of vibrant colors and sensations, capturing the essence of a secret utopia.


Estée Lauder’s Cinnabar is a fiery dance of opulence and mystique, whisking the wearer away on an oriental journey. Introduced in 1978, Cinnabar is a masterful blend of spicy warmth, resonating with an underlying sensuality. The fragrance unfolds with inviting notes of spicy clove and tangerine, which pave the way for a heart rich in ylang-ylang, jasmine, and orange flower. This floral melody is beautifully contrasted by the base’s smoky essence of amber, incense, and patchouli. The rich, layered depth of Cinnabar evokes the allure of ancient spice routes and bustling bazaars. It’s a scent that feels lavish, exotic, and unmistakably sophisticated. Perfect for evening wear and cooler months, Cinnabar appeals to those who appreciate a bold, statement fragrance.


Estée Lauder’s Intuition is a luminous ode to the innate instincts that guide us. Launched in 2000, this fragrance is a harmonious interplay between warm and fresh notes, creating a balanced and modern olfactory experience. It opens with a bright burst of bergamot and mandarin, immediately invoking a sense of clarity. As the fragrance unfolds, the warmth of amber and the richness of rose combine to form a heart that pulses with sensuality and depth. This is beautifully grounded by a base of precious woods and resins, adding a touch of mystique. Intuition is more than just a scent; it’s a feeling, a guiding light that resonates with the very essence of self-awareness. .


Estée Lauder’s SpellBound weaves an enchanting tale of romance and allure. Introduced in 1991, this fragrance is a captivating blend of rich florals and oriental notes, creating an intoxicating and mysterious aura. The opening notes of lush florals, including rose and lily, draw you in, while the heart of spicy elements like cardamom and cinnamon adds an alluring complexity. The base, with its deep vanilla and amber, lingers sensuously on the skin. SpellBound exudes a sense of passion and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for special occasions and evening wear.

Tuscany Per Donna

Estée Lauder’s Tuscany Per Donna is a fragrant sojourn to the sun-kissed hills and romantic landscapes of Tuscany. Launched in 1992, this perfume paints a vivid picture of the Italian countryside, teeming with lush vineyards and centuries-old olive groves. It opens with a refreshing burst of Mediterranean fruits, harmoniously blended with hints of honeysuckle and rose. As it unfolds, a heart of spicy peony and sweet mimosa adds a layer of depth and warmth. The base notes, exuding sandalwood and amber, evoke the rustic elegance and charm of Tuscany.

Soki London

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