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The AERIN perfume range is inspired by Aerin Lauder, a descendant of Estee Lauder and billionairess to her empire. This article takes you through every perfume in the Aerin fragrance range and explains what each smells like.

There is a new AERIN sample set available, a great way to test out some AERIN fragrances.

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AERIN Fleur De Peony

AERIN Fleur De Peony is the newest release in the range. The beautiful pink bottle and branding make this one of the prettiest to look at, and it’s certainly a pretty scent too. Peony is absolutely one of the main notes here, but there are other equally strong perfume notes too.

There is a strong pomelo and litchi note which dominates the first seconds of the fragrance. This is followed by a peony and jasmine bouquet, and finally a warm ambroxan finishes of AERIN Fleur De Peony.

Ambroxan is a synthetic creation which adds a cream ‘skin-like’ feeling to the perfume.

There is much more to AERIN Fleur De Peony than just Peony. I find the lasting power was light to medium with the ambroxan being the note which lingered for the longest.

AERIN Wild Geranium

AERIN Wild Geranium certainly does smell like Geraniums. For me, this is a typical ‘English Country Garden’ scent; the Geranium is accompanied by Tuberose, Narcissus, Peony, Orange Blossom and Rose to create a green floral bouquet.

There is a classiness to AERIN Wild Geranium which comes with these type of floral scents; I can imagine one of the Royals wearing this!

Again, ambroxan is used to add a slightly creamy feel to the dry-down. There is also a fresh lemon in the opening note but this soon fades to reveal the floral bouquet.

AERIN Wild Geranium also comes in a Body Cream and Purse Spray.

AERIN Aegean Blossom

In my view, AERIN Aegean Blossom is the most refreshing fragrance in the AERIN perfume range.

This mix of verbena, bergamot, neroli, mandarin orange, African orange flower and vetiver creates a flood of fresh citrus notes ideal for a hot summer’s day.

The marketing and name evoke a Greek Island in mid-summer, and I think AERIN Aegean Blossom would be an ideal scent to take on that vacation.

This isn’t a super long lasting fragrance, but combined with the body products it will leave you feeling exhilarated and refreshed.

If you’re a fan of citrus fragrances, check out my article on the Best Orange Perfumes.

AERIN Hibiscus Palm

AERIN Hibiscus Palm is my personal favourite AERIN perfume. This is a tropical coconut delight which has excellent projection and lasting power; I can still smell it on clothes days later.

The Hibiscus, Frangipani, Lotus and tropical white flowers in AERIN Hibiscus Palm immediately take me to that tropical smell you get when you first step out into a tropical country. The green, fresh warmth of the air is calming and feels exotic to someone from London!

These beautiful notes are combined with a good dose of coconut which just lasts and lasts. Think Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess or Dolce Garden but more floral. I’m in love.

AERIN Waterlily Sun

Again, the branding of AERIN Waterlily Sun accurately represents the feeling of this fragrance. This is a fresh green perfume which uses Waterlily, Jasmine and Bergamot to create the feeling of walking into a tropical greenhouse.

Fans of green fragrances like Chanel N.o.19 would enjoy AERIN Waterlily Sun.

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle is a fun grapefruit scent which is followed by a lingering Lily-of-the-valley and Honeysuckle.

I’d classify this as initially fresh, but then very much a white floral scent. Personally, I find the Lily-of-the-valley comes through just as much as the Honeysuckle.

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle would be ideal for a spring day but I don’t think it’s heavy enough to be worn in the evening.

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Mimosa

2022 sees the release of a new Limited Edition AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Mimosa. This fragrance has the DNA of the original AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle; a fresh citrus opening and the Honeysuckle middle note. However, the note which dominates as the fragrance settles is Mimosa.

Mimosa is a slightly green, powdery floral perfume note. It reminds me of woodlands and wild flowers. Personally, I find the powdery feel of Mimosa can come across slightly old-fashioned. I do think if you like the Lily-of-the-valley in the original AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle then you will probably like the Mimosa in this Limited Edition.

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle In Bloom

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle In Bloom is a limited edition fragrance from 2021.

The composition is similar to the original Mediterranean Honeysuckle but in my opinion, much improved.

The grapefruit top note and honeysuckle remain, but a slightly sweet, warm honey has been added which gives the scent more body. They have also used Tuberose and Jasmine instead of Lily-of-the-valley which I think create a softer more modern fragrance.

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle In Bloom
AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle In Bloom

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Clementina

2023 sees a lovely limited edition citrus version called AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Clementina. This is my personal favourite version of Mediterranean Honeysuckle because its so refreshing. The clementine note takes you to a hot summers day on the Italian coast while the Honeysuckle lingers on clothes for days after it’s been sprayed. I’ll be sad when this is discontinued after the summer of 2023.

AERIN Gardenia Rattan

AERIN Gardenia Rattan has received mixed reviews from Gardenia fans. Yes the floral Gardenia scent is the main note, but there is also a clear salty ‘sea’ note which adds an ozonic vibe.

At first all you get is Gardenia, alongside a Tiare flower. The scent then evolves to reveal Tuberose and the salty sea air notes. This gives the perfume a ‘just got out of the shower’ feel but takes away from the pure Gardenia scent which many though this would be.

AERIN Amber Musk

AERIN Amber Musk is one of the deeper and heavier fragrances in the AERIN range.

A strong benzoin note create the feel of amber which is accompanied by a musky ambroxan and coconut.

There is also a hint of a woody rose in the heart of the perfume.

AERIN Amber Musk is excellent for lasting and is definitely one for amber or musk fans to try.

The gift set comes with a mini perfume and travel spray along with a pretty red velvet bow on the perfume bottle.

AERIN Cedar Violet

Cedar and Violet are an interesting combination. Violet is a powdery perfume note, often associated with fragrances which smell like makeup (for example, Lipstick Fever from Juliette Has A Gun).

However, the Cedar note in AERIN Cedar Violet really calms the Violet note down to make it much fresher and cleaner.

Unfortunately, I think the Cedar note is perhaps too dominant and the Violet not dominant enough because once the green Cedar note has subsided one is left with very little remaining fragrance.

This is certainly one of the weakest AERIN fragrances.

AERIN Ikat Jasmine

AERIN Ikat Jasmine is absolutely a Jasmine perfume.

This is a delicate Jasmine though; something I wasn’t expecting as I’m so used to Jasmine perfumes being quite heavy (aka Thierry Mugler’s Alien).

It’s really nice to see Jasmine presented in a more delicate fashion alongside honeysuckle (another delicate note) and a woody tuberose.

The signature Aerin ambroxan can just be sensed in the dry-down, again helping the fragrance last and giving it a creamy vibe.

The body cream is also ideal for Jasmine fans! Check out my article on the best Jasmine perfumes for more.

AERIN Lilac Path

Lilac as the main note in a fragrance isn’t very common, so AERIN Lilac Path is definitely meeting a gap in the market.

This really does evoke the feeling of walking past a beautiful Lilac busy on an April day. The Lilac flower note is accompanied by Angelica, Honeysuckle and Galbanum which are very green notes. This addition helps make the scent feel more ‘realistic’ as of course when walking past a Lilac bush you are also getting the scent of the leaves and branches.

AERIN Lilac Path is romantic and delicate; ideal for a spring morning. The longevity is medium so it’s good to keep the travel spray with you for topping up!

In addition, the candle will fill your house with Lilac scent so even if you’re in a high-rise apartment in the city you can still get that outdoors spring vibe. If you love Lilac I have some other recommendations in my article on the best Lilac perfumes.

AERIN Evening Rose

AERIN Evening Rose is undoubtable a sensual night-time scent.

This is an oriental rose; so very different to the soft florals we are used to seeing from AERIN. The Bulgarian Rose is accompanied by Blackberry Cognanc and Incense; it feels like walking into a high-end cocktail bar. There are quite a few types of rose used in fragrance; check out my article which explains the difference between them.

There is also a hint of pepper which mixes with the incense to great the oriental vibe which is so often associated with ‘date night’ scents.

The AERIN Evening Rose Body Cream is also pretty strong and combined with the perfume you’ll still be smelling this perfume days after application.

AERIN Iris Meadow

AERIN Iris Meadow is a combination of two quite different styles of fragrance.

First the perfume is like walking through a green meadow close to freshly mown grass. This feeling fades after a few minutes to reveal a powdery iris note.

Iris is quite a heavy note and sometimes can be overwhelming or feel dated. I think using the fresh green notes brings out the cleaner side of the Iris perfume note which keeps the scent feeling modern.

This is one of the lighter AERIN fragrances so require reapplication after a few hours.

AERIN Tangier Vanille

AERIN Tangier Vanille is a warm amber vanilla scent which evokes the feeling of candle light on the skin and vanilla essence.

Ideal for winter, AERIN Tangier Vanille is heavy and great for lasting.

Personally, I think Tangier Amber would be a more appropriate name for this fragrance, as the Vanilla isn’t anywhere near as noticeable as the Amber.

The Vanilla also has a musky feel so don’t expect a sweet candy Vanilla (for that, check out my article on the best Vanilla perfumes).

AERIN Rose Cocoa

AERIN Rose Cocoa
AERIN Rose Cocoa

This cute fragrance (I love the velvet bow) is another evening rose scent. In AERIN Rose Cocoa the rose is the star of the show, with cocoa only noticeable for the few few minutes.

The Cocoa is soon replaced by truffle and champagne notes, and a feminine iris.

There is a hint of Amber and Oud in the base notes which create the mysterious sexy vibe this fragrance gives out.

This one is good for lasting and can be layered with the rose range of body products (as can all the AERIN rose fragrances!).

AERIN Coral Palm

AERIN Coral Palm was a limited edition scent which is no unfortunately discontinued.

It worked well with AERIN Hibiscus Palm as an accompanying body product because it had tropical flowers and a coconut scent.

AERIN Coral Palm
AERIN Coral Palm

AERIN Premier Collection Limone Di Sicillia

As you would expect from a fragrance named AERIN Limone Di Sicillia this is a fresh citrus scent spear-headed by Lemon, Bergamot and Mandarin.

There are also a Lily-of-the-valley, Rose and Jasmine notes in the heart, along with the the signature AERIN ambroxan creamy base. But overall, it’s the citrus notes which make up the majority of the scent.

I find, as with many citrus scents, the lasting power is 1-2 hours. Having said that, the candle is super refreshing and the body cream is heavenly for summer days!

AERIN Premier Collection Éclat De Vert

AERIN Éclat De Vert is another citrus scent, but this time the citrus is joined by a fresh green floral note.

Magnolia and Galbanum are the green notes which evoke the feeling of being outside, perhaps in a forest in the summertime.

Like other citrus scents from AERIN, the lasting power is about 1-2 hours; but the candles are heavenly!

AERIN Premier Collection Ambrette De Noir

Deep and sensual, AERIN Ambrette De Noir is a heavy musky scent which lingers on clothes for days.

A warm Tonka Bean, hint of Vanilla essence and Rose work with the strong Ambrette (also called Musk Mellow) to create a scent which wraps around the wearer.

Fans of Ariana Grande Cloud, or her new God Is a Woman (which both use a lot of Ambrette) would love AERIN Ambrette De Noir.

It’s a shame that there isn’t a candle or body cream in Ambrette De Noir because I think the scent would be wonderful!

AERIN Premier Collection Rose De Grasse

AERIN Rose De Grasse is a classic ‘pure rose’ scent. It literally smells like a fresh bouquet of roses.

After a while a slight musk and Ambrette is noticeable but predominantly this is a rose scent.

AERIN Rose De Grasse is quite light and requires reapplication; this is probably why it comes in a gift set with a travel spray!

AERIN Premier Collection Rose De Grasse Pour Filles

The sister fragrance to AERIN Rose De Grasse, AERIN Rose De Grasse Pour Filles is another pure realistic rose scent.

The difference is the addition of a fresh and fruity Pear in the opening note, as well as a pretty sparkling Orange Blossom.

AERIN Rose De Grasse Pour Filles also fades into a slightly musk rose just like its sister.

Personally, I prefer AERIN Rose De Grasse Pour Filles because of the Pear and Orange Blossom (two of my favourite perfume notes).

AERIN Premier Collection Tuberose Le Soir

Given the name, and the heavy use of Tuberose in the marketing materials, you’d be forgiven for thinking AERIN Tuberose Le Soir was a strong Tuberose scent.

Although it does indeed have Tuberose as a main note, I find that there is also a strong citrus opening, and a sweet Ylang-ylang which are equally present.

In addition, the use of vanilla in the base makes the Tuberose quite sweet.

Super feminine and pretty, this is an innocent scent.

AERIN Premier Collection Tuberose Le Jour

AERIN Tuberose Le Jour is another light Tuberose scent. Here the Tuberose is complimented by fresh Neroli and Orange Blossom, which dry down into a soft cashmere after an hour or so.

Again, like its sister AERIN Tuberose Le Soir this isn’t a strong scent and requires reapplication.

Both the Tuberose scents would be nice for day time in the summer.

Soki London

Sophie is the perfume enthusiast behind Soki London. She reviews the latest perfumes and entire perfume ranges on her YouTube channel and website.


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