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There are six different perfumes in the Valentino Donna fragrance range. This article explains what each smells like. If you’re looking for my article on the Valentino Donna Born In Roma range which has followed on from the original Donna perfumes then you can find it here.

PerfumeMain NotesRelease Date
Valentino DonnaRose, Iris, Vanilla2015
Valentino Donna AcquaAlmond, Frangipani2017
Valentino Donna Rosa VerdeBergamot, Ginger, Green2018
Valentino Donna Noir AbsoluLeather, Pepper, Plum liquor2017
Valentino Donna Noir Absolu Musc EssenceAmbroxan2018
Valentino Donna Noir Absolu Oud EssenceOud, Saffron, Leather2018

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Valentino Donna

The classic first release in the range, simply called Valentino Donna is a pretty powdery rose scent.

After an initial blast of Rose the perfume settles into a feminine powdery fragrance which is created through an Iris note.

Patchouli and Leather make up the base notes of the fragrance; these two really help the fragrance last for many hours.

In addition to the floral notes there is a vanilla which adds sweetness; the rose and vanilla mix kind of reminds me of rose Turkish Delight candy.

The feminine advertising campaign perfectly reflects the unequivocally girly nature of the perfume.

Valentino Donna Acqua

Valentino Donna Acqua released in 2017 is a warm almond scent.

The sweet nutty Almond note is accompanied by warm Frangipani and Jasmine floral notes which create a feminine, close fragrance which wraps it’s arm’s around the wearer.

There is also a Pear note which is noticeable in the first minute, but this soon fades to give way to the almond floral vibes.

Although Valentino Donna Acqua is an Eau de Toilette the almond note makes it last well and in my view perform like an Eau de Parfum.

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde is a light, green and fresh perfume reminiscent of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea.

There is a sharp bergamot and petitgrain note, alongside green notes of mate and ginger.

Although Valentino Donna Rosa Verde is super refreshing and ideal for hot weather, its an Eau de Toilette and doesn’t last very long.

Expect to re-apply this every few hours.

Valentino Donna Noir Absolu

Valentino Donna Noir Absolu has a very different feel about it compared to the original. This is a strong, peppery oriental fragrance, characterised by a deep and sexy Leather fragrance note.

There is a dark plum liquor note as well, which gives the fragrance the feeling of an underground cocktail bar.

Valentino Donna Noir Absolu is strong and good for lasting; I’d recommend it for winter nights when you really want to stand out.

Valentino Donna Noir Absolu Musc Essence

Despite referencing Musc in the name, this is actually an aldehyde fragrance (think Chanel N.o. 5).

The rose note from the previous versions is included, but in Valentino Donna Noir Absolu Musc Essence its combined with heliotrope giving it an oriental feel.

Aldehyde does have a musky feel to it but there is more to the scent than just musc.

This is a super strong fragrance not for the faint hearted.

Valentino Donna Noir Absolu Oud Essence

You’d be forgiven for thinking Valentino Donna Noir Absolu Oud Essence was aimed at men. This perfume feels very unisex with its strong leather note.

Predominantly, this is an Oud perfume which combined with a saffron note makes it feel very oriental.

Again, this is a strong fragrance!

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