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Water Lily is a beautiful fresh floral scent which has an aquatic feeling that creates lovely summer perfumes. This article outlines the best Water Lily perfumes for any budget and links to where to get them.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Cacharel Eden1991Peach, bergamot and water lily
L’eau Par Kenzo 1996Mint and water lily
Eternity Moment 2004Litchi, Raspberry and water lily
Sea & Sun in Cadaques Salvador Dali2006Blackcurrant and water lily
Escada Taj Sunset2011Blood Orange and water lily
Juicy Couture Malibu2013Passion fruit, jasmine and water lily
Aerin Water Lily Sun2014Jasmine, musk, water lily and bergamot
Michael Kors Turquoise2016Water lily, cucumber and lime
Shay & Blue Scarlet Lily2017Water Lily, Lily and Ylang-Ylang
Euphoria Deep Eau de Toilette2017Water Lily and Pear
Eternity Summer2019Watermelon and water lily
La Belle Fleur Terrible Jean Paul Gaultier2022Water lily, Iris and Vanilla

Table of Contents

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Fleur Terrible

A rare limited edition in the Jean Paul Gaultier’s La Belle range, La Belle Fleur Terrible is totally different to the typical Jean Paul Gaultier women’s perfumes.

I love the extra detail from the embroidery on the top of the bottle. The scent is a unique fusion of fresh Water Lily and a really pretty aquatic note. La Belle Fleur Terrible a gentle fragrance with a hint of iris which gives a chic maturity in the dry down.

The longevity and sillage of the fragrance is moderate; an ideal scent for the summer time.

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Fleur Terrible is exclusive to The Fragrance Shop in the UK.

Cacharel Eden

Cacharel Eden is an intoxicating green bouquet with Water Lily at its heart. The perfume opens with luminous notes of melon and citrus which is combined with heady fruity-floral notes of lotus, mimosa, and sweet juicy pineapple. The Water Lily is one of the main notes which lingers and acts as a perfect harmony to a patchouli and warm woody base of cedar and sandalwood. Eden is long lasting with a strong fragrance that makes the wearer feel green, fresh, uplifting, flowery, happy and a bit exotic!

L’eau Par Kenzo

L’eau Par Kenzo has a super fresh aquatic feeling which combines with Water Lily and mint to create a very refreshing summer scent. I find L’eau Par Kenzo to be one of the cleanest smells available at the moment; its a refined yet subtle refreshing perfume. It is literally ‘freshness’ in a bottle. Although it isn’t particularly long lasting it is affordable and so you can keep topping it up throughout the day.

Salvador Dali Sea & Sun in Cadaques

Sea & Sun in Cadaques is both a youthful and classic fragrance in my opinion. The Eau de Toilette opens with fruity notes of Apricot and Blackcurrant which reveal the fresh Water Lily and aquatic Lotus heart notes. At the first spritz it’s quite sharp but it quickly turns into a fruity and refreshing scent; the aquatic softness is comforting and unique, ideal for summertime.

Escada Taj Sunset

Escada Taj Sunset is a great summer fragrance. If you like sweet tropical perfumes, this is the perfume for you. Dressed in a beautiful bottle, decorated with lotus blossoms engraved in Indian style. The most prominent note in Taj Sunset is mango, but upon the initial spray I also get a slight citrus smell from the blood orange; a perfect blend of tropical fruits and sweetness. The scent of Water Lily emerges in the heart of the fragrance providing a feminine touch. This will take you from poolside sipping your favorite summer cocktail to your ultimate tropical vacation fantasy, just sunbathing whilst watching turquoise ocean waves come in to kiss the shore. The longevity and sillage are moderate. Escada Taj Sunset is a delicious fruity Water Lily with an irresistible tropical juiciness! 

Every year Escada release a limited edition summer fragrances; check out my article on them all.

Juicy Couture Malibu

The bottle of Juicy Couture Malibu is so highly decorated and radiating; such an attention grabber. This is a great affordable scent for people who like fruity floral perfumes. On my skin, it opens with passionfruit and very quickly dries down to a combination of Water Lily, tuberose and tiare flower. This perfume smells of ‘Summer’ and has a pretty fresh and delicate fragrance with a lingering Water Lily notes. It is an easy to wear perfume and is a perfect mix of sweet, fruity and softness.

Aerin Water Lily Sun

I think Aerin Water Lily Sun this is an exquisite perfume; a delicate green fragrance with minimal sweetness. The clean Water Lily is well-balanced with jasmine, bergamot and musk heart notes. Aerin Water Lily Sun has an amazing longevity and sillage which helps justify the price.

Check out my article on the entire AERIN perfume range.

Michael Kors Turquoise

Michael Kors Turquoise reminds me of a wet garden, snapped green stems in the rain and wet flowers everywhere. The natural freshness of Cucumber and Lime bring out the freshness of the Water Lily note creating a zesty and fresh scent. I think the breeziness of Turquoise makes it ideal for a humid and hot climate.

I also included Michael Kors Turquoise in my article on the The Best Aquatic Fragrances.

Shay & Blue Scarlet Lily

Shay & Blue Scarlet Lily has a freshness in its opening, from a clear Water Lily fragrance note and a hint of Ylang Ylang. In the dry down an Amber note finishes off the scent with a gentle warmth.

Overall it has a unique blend of freshness and florals. It’s a chypre heavy perfume with a tropical vibe. It has a moderate sillage and an unbelievably good longevity. It’s very feminine but I think it suits any age group. I prefer to use it on casual days. 

Euphoria Deep Eau De Toilette

This fresh floral chypre fragrance opens with airy notes of Water Lily and pear, which compliments the velvety rose heart of Euphoria Deep Eau De Toilette. Mineral woody notes with musk make the fragrance fresher and more energetic than the original Euphoria; it’s full of contradictions.

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer

Watermelon and Water Lily are the predominant notes of Eternity Summer for women. Light and fun, with a hint of sweetness, the sillage and longevity of the fragrance is moderate and so can be relied upon for a good few hours.

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment

Eternity Moment is a flanker from the Calvin Klein Eternity range. It’s a super fresh and floral perfume which blends Water Lily with Peony, Raspberry, Melon and Guava. I love it for its simplicity and airiness; a great every day option which is also affordable.

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