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Every year Escada releases a new Summer Limited Edition perfume. This article explains what each one smells like and where you can still buy some of the discontinued fragrances.

In Europe I recommend getting the Escada Summer Limited Edition fragrances from Notino. In the US, Fragrance Net has a selection of old ones here, for newer releases I recommend Ulta. Here in the UK, All Beauty and Perfume Click have a good selection.

PerfumeReleaseMain Notes
Brisa Cubana2024Lime, Mojito
Nectar De Costa Rica2024Pineapple, Mango, Orange Blossom
Chiffon Sorbet2024Violet
Santorini Sunrise2023Orange Sorbet, Fresh Flowers, Earthy tones
Cherry In Japan2022Cherry Blossom, Jasmine, Tonka Bean
Summer Festival2021Mandarin Orange, Cherry Blossom, Jasmine
Flor Del Sol2020Dahlia, Tequila, Orange
Miami Blossom2019Pineapple, Watermelon, Blueberry, Tiare Flower
Sorbetto Rosso2018Watermelon, Praline, Strawberry
Fiesta Carioca2017Passion Fruity, Jasmine, Orange Blossom
Agua Del Sol2016Sorbet, Orange, Pear
Turquoise Summer2015Strawberry, Pineapple, Fruit Cocktail
Born in Paradise2014Coconut, Watermelon, Guava
Cherry In The Air2013Cherry, Marshmallow
Taj Sunset2012Mango, Nectarine, Blood Orange
Island Kiss2011Mango, Orange, Peach
Rockin’ Rio2011Pineapple, Sugary Coconut, Papaya
Sexy Graffiti2011Strawberry, Raspberry

Escada Nectar De Costa Rica

Nectar De Costa Rica is a classic, fun and fruity Escada fragrance. The main notes are mango and pineapple, (the mango note is very reminiscent of my Aphrodite perfume).

The orange blossom helps add to the fruit punch feel of the perfume and helps with longevity. Overall though the fragrance is a light eau de toilette made for hot days in Central America.

Escada Brisa Cubana

Escada Brisa Cubana (Cuban breeze) perfectly captures the scent of a sugary mojito. The lime note is sharp and refreshing while the mint perfectly recreates the scent of the iconic cocktail.

Personally, I would have made the bottle green to represent the fragrance notes! As with all the limited edition Escada summer fragrances this is an eau de toilette, so expect to keep topping it up throughout the day.

Escada Chiffon Sorbet

Chiffon Sorbet isn’t like a lot of the other Escada fragrances. It doesn’t feel fruity as most of them do, instead the main note here is a floral violet which has a warm, deep and powdery accord. I think by using ‘chiffon’ in the name Escada have tried to recreate the feeling of the soft material on the skin. Violet is a very feminine fragrance note which can sometimes be quite strong, in Chiffon Sorbet however the fragrance is quite gentle.

Escada Santorini Sunrise

2023 sees the release of Escada Santorini Sunrise, inspired by the fresh Mediterranean flowers of the Greek Islands, combined with an Orange Sorbet note, yum!

Santorini Sunrise is exactly what I expect and want from an Escada Summer Limited Edition fragrance. It’s fun, fruity and makes you feel like you’re on vacation; I’ll be using mine on hot summer days and taking it in my suitcase for sure!

Escada Cherry In Japan

Following the popularity of Escada’s previous Limited Edition Summer perfume Cherry in the Air, it definitely makes sense for another Cherry fragrance to be released.

Escada Cherry in Japan is a Cherry Blossom fragrance, there aren’t any fruity Cherry notes in here (my article on the best Cherry perfumes).

Cherry Blossom is a slightly sweet refreshing floral note. The inclusion of Jasmine and Tonka Bean in the fragrance mix help give the perfume extra body and lasting power.

Pretty, innocent and feminine, I predict Escada Cherry in Japan will be one of the most successful scents in the range.

Escada Summer Festival

Escada Summer Festival is a perfume I turned to a lot in summer 2021. Fun, fruity and slightly sexy, for me it embodies everything I’d want and expect from an Escada Limited Edition Summer fragrance.

A zesty Mandarin Orange is accompanied by Cherry Blossom and Jasmine. The Orange note mixes with the Cherry Blossom to bring out a fruitiness which is similar to a Raspberry or Strawberry note.

I really enjoyed layering Summer Festival with other fragrances to add a zesty and carefree vibe.

Escada Flor Del Sol

Escada Flor Del Sol is quite different to what we are used to from the Escada Summer Limited Editions.

Flor Del Sol is an aromatic fragrance, which is created through a Dahlia and Tequila perfume notes. There is definitely a Mexican influence to the branding which of course is brought out through the Tequila note.

There is an initial hint of an Orange and Grenadine note but this quickly changes to let the aromatic notes shine through.

Finally, a woody undertone is noticeable which suggests a slightly more serious and less playful feel to the fragrance.

Escada Miami Blossom

Escada Miami Blossom is a super fun perfume which reminds me of a cocktail.

At first Pineapple, Watermelon, Blueberry and Orange are the dominant perfume notes.

After this fruity burst a tropical Tiare Flower and Tuberose emerge. Whenever Tiare Flower is used in a fragrance I always think it whisks you away to the Tropics; its the smell of the vegetation which you only get in tropical climates.

Miami Blossom is another carefree and fun fragrance, definitely one for Pineapple fans!

Escada Sorbetto Rosso

Escada Sorbetto Rosso is a fresh Watermelon splash. A sweet Praline and Strawberry make the Watermelon scent feel like a Watermelon flavour candy.

Personally, I’d recommend using Escada Sorbetto Rosso to layer on top of other fragrances; because the scent is quite simple it could easily be added to a floral or fresh scent.

I find that after the Watermelon notes fade there isn’t really another stage to the fragrance, so Sorbetto Rosso doesn’t have great lasting power.

Escada Fiesta Carioca

Escada Fiesta Carioca is all about Passionfruit. It’s a fruity cocktail reminiscent of a Passionfruit Martini that reveals a hint of Raspberry underneath the Passionfruit.

But don’t think that Escada Fiesta Carioca is like a Passionfruit body spray, the ‘perfume’ element of the scent is created through a Jasmine and Orange Blossom heart as well as a Violet leaf.

Violets are lovely fragrance notes which create a uniquely feminine vibe; they’re used a lot in lipstick and eyeshadows so imagine that kind of scent.

Even though the branding has a lot of green colour in it I don’t think this is a ‘green fragrance’. Personally, I’d brand Escada Fiesta Carioca in raspberry and purple.

Escada Agua Del Sol

I love Escada Agua Del Sol because it smells just like cool orange sorbet. I always get Gelato in the Mediterranean; its so refreshing in the midsummer heat.

Sorbet is a fragrance note and Escada Agua Del Sol really does smell of sorbet! There are lots of fruity notes in the mix including Pear, Raspberry and all the citrus notes. For me its the Orange note which comes through the strongest; but this is a sweet sorbet style orange.

I always turn to Escada Agua Del Sol in the summer and it never fails to make me smile.

Escada Turquoise Summer

Escada Turquoise Summer is probably the fruitiest in the fragrance range (and its up against some tough competition!).

Strawberry and the Pineapple are the two stars of this fruity show. But they’re not alone; Blackcurrant, Rhubarb, Orange, Lemon, Peach, and Melon have also been included in the mix.

This fruit cocktail is supported by a some floral notes and a milky caramel base.

Escada Turquoise Summer is for those of us who love smelling like a fruit cocktail in the summer.

Escada Born in Paradise

Escada Born in Paradise is a Coconut fragrance. Considering the Escada Summer Limited Editions are all about carefree tropical vibes, I’m surprised Coconut isn’t used in more of the range.

The Coconut helps give Escada Born in Paradise a strength which stands out compared to some of the other perfumes which are just focused on fruity notes.

The top notes are super fresh; Watermelon, Guava and Green Apple mix together to create a slightly aquatic feel to the initial few seconds of the first spray.

Escada Born in Paradise is exactly what you want from an affordable and light coconut fragrance.

Escada Cherry In The Air

Escada Cherry In The Air is one of the most known Escada Summer Limited Edition perfumes. There isn’t really another fragrance which has captured the tartness of a freshly picked cherry.

This isn’t a dark Cherry scent, which is more common, instead the Cherry note gets a sharpness from a Mandarin Orange, and a sweetness from Marshmallow and Vanilla.

Fans of Marshmallow should also try this fragrance because again this is one of the best examples of a Marshmallow scent too.

Escada Taj Sunset

The orange branding for Escada Taj Sunset echos the use of lots of orange coloured perfume notes; Mango, Nectarine, and Blood Orange create a warm fruity freshness.

After these top notes have faded Escada Taj Sunset fades into something which reminds of me the scent of suncream. This is probably from the Coconut note used in the base.

Its been so long since Escada Taj Sunset was released its hard to find it available for sale now.

Escada Island Kiss

Escada Island Kiss has a lot in common with Escada Taj Sunset. They both use Mango and Orange in the top note.

Island Kiss has a Peach note too which makes it lovely and fruity.

I personally find Escada Island Kiss to be very light. Its lacking strong floral or base notes to help the scent last.

This edition of Escada Island Kiss was released in 2011. There was an Escada Island Kiss which was released in 2004. This predecessor had similar notes but was a stronger scent.

Escada Rockin’ Rio

Escada Rockin’ Rio is a pina colada scent. Pineapple, Sugary Coconut, Papaya and Tangerine really do make this smell like you’ve just drank a cocktail.

Fruity, sweet and slightly creamy, this is a classic vacation scent.

Escada Sexy Graffiti

Escada Sexy Graffiti is a fun sweet Strawberry fragrance. This was my favourite release from the three 2011 Escada Summer Limited Editions. Fans of fruity berry scents (like me!) will like Escada Sexy Graffiti.

This is again a reissue of a previous release. Escada Sexy Graffiti from 2002 has even more berry notes in with Cassis and Blackcurrant.

I was working in a perfume shop in 2011 when this was released and I used to be asked if it was the same as the original Escada Sexy Graffiti a lot.

Maybe Escada will re-release Sexy Graffiti again…!

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