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Cherry blossom season is a magical time of year that is eagerly anticipated by people around the world. As the delicate pink blooms appear on trees, they bring with them a sense of renewal and beauty that captures our hearts and imaginations. For many, the cherry blossom also holds a special significance as a symbol of hope, renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy the essence of cherry blossoms is through perfume. The sweet, floral scent of cherry blossoms has long been used in perfumes and other fragrances, and for good reason. Cherry blossom perfumes are a perfect way to capture the essence of this beautiful flower and carry it with you wherever you go, without the sweetness of a pure cherry scent.

If you’re looking for the best cherry blossom perfumes, then look no further. In this ultimate guide, I’ll take a deep dive into the world of cherry blossom fragrances, exploring the most popular scents, their key notes and ingredients, and what makes them stand out. Whether you’re a seasoned perfume aficionado or a newcomer to the world of fragrance, this guide has everything you need to know to find your perfect cherry blossom perfume. So sit back, relax, and let’s explore the wonderful world of cherry blossom fragrances.

Escada Cherry In Japan & Escada Summer Festival

Every year Escada release a limited edition summer fragrance. In 2022 we saw Escada Cherry In Japan launched; this is a perfect Cherry Blossom fragrance. It’s fruity and fresh but also slightly warm because of a feminine Tonka Bean note in the base of the fragrance. Cherry In Japan can still be found at Ulta and Sephora UK.

2021’s Escada Summer Festival also used Cherry Blossom; here its complimented by a zesty Orange top note making it super refreshing.

Both perfumes are Eau de Toilettes and both are fun and affordable. There are lots of limited edition Escada summer perfumes; check out my article on each one here.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia

Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria perfume range is a selection of fresh and delicate scents of nature. One of their post popular is Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia.

This is a sophisticated interpretation of Cherry Blossom. By using a hint of Violet, Musk and Pear the sweet and floral Cherry Blossom perfume note has a super feminine and high-class undertone. Interestingly, Guerlain use a Watermelon perfume note as well, which is noticeable initially and combines seamlessly with the Cherry Blossom to bring out the fruity element to the scent.

There are lots of beautiful fragrances in the Aqua Allegoria range, check out my article on every one here.

L’Occitane Cherry Blossom

L’Occitane en Provence are known for their aromatic Lavender and green scents which evoke the south of France. They’re also known for their Fleurs de Cerisier (French for Cherry Blossoms) range which includes an Eau de Toilette.

Of course Cherry Blossom is the main perfume note, and its quite fruity because a Blackcurrant and Cherry note have been added. I find L’Occitane Cherry Blossom to be one of the sweetest Cherry Blossom scents.

I use the L’Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream which comes in a convenient mini size and lives in my handbag.

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom was released in 2012 and has been a staple of The Body Shop ever since.

For me Japanese Cherry Blossom is one of the lightest Cherry Blossom perfumes available. Its pretty and delicate but quite weak. I recommend it for humid weather during the day time.

I also recommend it for a young girl as a ‘first perfume’. Its great value too, usually available for £10-£15.

The Body Shop also make Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss. This version comes in a deeper red bottle which reflects the deeper nature of the fragrance.

A Strawberry note make its nice and fruity, and combined with an additional Caramel and Peony note the scent feels more complex and stronger than the original Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Personally I prefer Strawberry Kiss to the original.

Use code AFFSOKI for 20% off at The Body Shop UK.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina In Fiore

You might not have hard of the Salvatore Ferragamo perfumes. In my view, with their pretty bottles and often discounted prices, the range is quite a hidden gem.

Signorina In Fiore is the brand’s Cherry Blossom fragrance. Here its mixed with a Pomegranate Sorbet and fresh Pear note which creates a sweet fruity Cherry Blossom.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina In Fiore is an Eau de Toilette so its definitely a light daytime scent. There are stronger ones in the Signorina range, check out my article on every version here.

Rituals, The Ritual of Sakura & Rêve de Hanami

Sakura (which is Japanese for Cherry Blossom) and rice milk are the themes of the Rituals fragrance and body collection; The Ritual of Sakura (20% off at LookFantastic with code LFTFSOKI).

The scent is light and incredibly feminine. It’s probably the purest Cherry Blossom scent on the market and has a kinda and calming property.

Alongside lots of body products, the fragrance is available in a diffuser and body mist.

In addition, Rituals have created Rêve de Hanami Eau de Parfum. Translating to ‘Dream of Hanami’ this perfume is a strong take on Cherry Blossom. There is a sour Lychee and fresh Pear which combine with the Cherry Blossom to create the top note. However, as the perfume settles an Amber and Vanilla emerge, alongside Patchouli.

If you’re looking for a Cherry Blossom perfume with lasting power then I think this is the strongest Cherry Blossom perfume on the market.

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria

Calvin Klein Euphoria is a fairly strong Orchid fragrance. However, a flanker released in 2005 called Endless Euphoria Eau de Toilette is a Cherry Blossom fragrance.

Violet and Rose, alongside a Mandarin Orange top note I’ve Endless Euphoria some body, whilst keeping the Cherry Blossom as the main note.

Although Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria is discontinued, it’s still available here.

Shay & Blue English Cherry Blossom

Shay & Blue is a niche fragrance house. Their unisex English Cherry Blossom perfume is a combination of Bergamot and Cherry Blossom. There is a hint of woody notes and a Sour Cherry but for me this is a super fresh citrus Cherry Blossom scent.

Shay & Blue are can be quite affordable, the 100ml usually retail for around £50.

La Collection Privée Christian Dior Sakura

La Collection Privée Christian Dior is an exclusive range of perfumes and body products with limited distribution. They are also unbelievable expensive; this 125ml fragrance is £220.

Personally, I don’t think their Sakura is worth the price. It does have some lasting power but essentially its a soapy Cherry Blossom not to dissimilar to Guerlain’s Cherry Blossom.

Dior also have a £58 Sakura Hand Wash and £95 Sakura Body Cream.

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom

One of the most iconic fragrances from Bath & Body Works is their Japanese Cherry Blossom. The fragrance mist, candle and body products are an affordable way of getting a sweet every day Cherry Blossom scent.

Check out my article on the best Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mists.

Estée Lauder Luxury Collection Dream Dusk

Estée Lauder Dream Dusk is a Cherry Blossom and Geranium scent. I find the perfume is 50/50; half Cherry Blossom and half a green almost aromatic floral Geranium.

I think this is definitely the most ‘green’ option of the Cherry Blossom scents available at the moment. You definitely have to also like Geranium!

Check out my article on the entire Estée Lauder Luxury Collection for reviews of all the others in the range.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom is one of the many versions of the famous Green Tea perfume.

These Eau de Toilettes are refreshing and typically aromatic, though this Cherry Blossom edition is more sweet and fruity.

The sweetness of the Cherry Blossom is brought out by Apricot and Plum notes, along with Peony which is quite a sweet floral scent.

This is one of my favourite versions of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, and although its discontinued it can still be found here. Read about every version of Green Tea in my article on the range.

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