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Cacharel are known for creating affordable, great lasting fragrances. The lipstick-shaped perfume bottles of Cacharel Yes I Am make the perfumes unique and instantly recognisable. There are six different versions of the Yes I Am perfume, this article reviews each and explains the difference between them.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Yes I Am2018Caramel, Raspberry, Milk, Liquorish
Yes I Am Pink First2019Raspberry, Milk, Cardamon
Yes I Am Fabulous2020Blackberry, Milk, Hazelnut
Yes I Am Collector2021Caramel, Raspberry, Milk, Liquorish
Yes I Am Glorious2021Peach, Tiare Flower, Frangipani
Yes I Am Delicious2022Chocolate, Cardamon
Yes I Am Bloom Up!2023Red Berries, Peony, Orange Blossom

Cacharel Yes I Am

The first Cacharel Yes I Am is a sweet and sexy milky scent. It kind of reminds me of a raspberry and caramel milkshake.

As the perfume evolves Liquorish and Cardamon notes emerge which create an oriental feel.

Strong and good for lasting, Yes I Am Eau de Parfum can be relied as a great ‘night out’ or ‘date night’ scent.

Cacharel Yes I Am Pink First

Cacharel Yes I Am Pink First is discontinued (but still available here). This pink lipstick perfume follow the original and keeps the Raspberry Milk DNA of Yes I Am.

In addition, the other main notes for me are Cardamon and Ginger, which create a fresh spicy feel to the perfume. I think Yes I Am Pink First could be worn during the day as well as the evening; without the sexy caramel it feels more universal.

It has good lasting power being an Eau de Parfum, almost as good as the original Yes I Am perfume.

Cacharel Yes I Am Fabulous

Yes I Am Fabulous is a sweet Blackberry and Hazelnut Milk. Again the DNA of the original Yes I Am is noticeable but its presented in a slightly sour and fruitier way.

You can often find Yes I Am Fabulous at a very reasonable price even though its discontinued.

Cacharel Yes I Am Collector

In 2021 Cacharel released a Limited Edition Collector of the original Yes I Am perfume.

This contains the original Yes I Am fragrance, but in a new animal print bottle.

Cacharel Yes I Am Glorious

Cacharel Yes I Am Glorious is quite different to the other fragrances in the Yes I Am perfume range.

Yes I Am Glorious has a fruity and fresh Peach note which alongside a tropical Tiare Flower and Frangipani creates a fun and uplifting daytime scent.

My personal favourite in the range is Yes I Am Glorious because of its refreshing fruitiness.

Cacharel Yes I Am Delicious

2022 saw the release of Yes I Am Delicious a sweet Chocolate perfume.

Perfumes with prominent Chocolate perfume notes are rare, and at the moment the main one I tend to recommend is Prada Candy Night (my article on the Prada Candy perfume range).

Yes I Am Delicious is strong and sweet with a hint of the Cardamon of Yes I Am and Yes I Am Pink First.

Cacharel Yes I Am Bloom Up!

In 2023 a new Cacharel Yes I Am Bloom Up! was released. This is a great addition to the perfume range and its ideal for summer. Anyone who is a fan of fruity perfumes needs to try Yes I Am Bloom Up! because the main note is a super fun red berry. This is supported by elegant Orange Blossom and a slightly warm base. The scent reminds me of vacations, festivals and the summer time; it’s carefree and fun.

Cacharel Yes I Am Bloom Up!
Soki London

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