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Peach is a warm, fruity perfume note which can take lots of different forms in perfumes, from warm and spicy to fresh and tropical. This article outlines the best Peach perfumes for any budget.

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Lancôme Trésor In Love

Trésor In Love is one of Lancôme’s less well-known perfumes. It’s a perfect Peach fragrance which is great for Spring and Summer.

Fresh Pear and Peach are accompanied by a feminine Rose heart which is very light-hearted. It juxtaposes well with it’s sister fragrance Trésor Midnight Rose (one of my personal favourites!).

Hugo Boss The Scent For Her

Hugo Boss The Scent For Her is probably the most famous Peach perfume. It uses an Osmanthus heart note to compliment the Peach which fits perfectly as Osmanthus although being a flower, has a peachy scent to it.

There are a few other versions of The Scent For Her, most have peach in; check out my article on every version of Hugo Boss The Scent For Her.

Cacharel Yes I Am Glorious

The Cacharel Yes I Am range is a bit of a hidden gem. I don’t notice it talked about much, but they’re a great range of affordable, long lasting fragrances. Cacharel Yes I Am Glorious is a milky Peach perfume which has a summery feel to it, created by the tropical Frangipani and Tiare Flower heart notes.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach

Tom Ford Bitter Peach removes all the sweetness of a traditional Peach perfume note, and creates a bitter and boozy scent. It reminds me of a mixture of Peach liquor and Peach Herbal Tea. Patchouli and Vanilla in the base of the fragrance ensure it has lasting power.

I think Tom Ford Bitter Peach is certainly a unique fragrance which feels unisex. It’s not what you expect from a typical Peach perfume so I recommend giving it a try if you’re not used to Tom Ford style perfumes.

Burberry For Woman

Burberry For Woman is one of the original Burberry fragrances which is often forgotten about. It combines Peach and Vanilla to create a warm fruity scent which is sweet without being ‘too sweet’. The brown liquid of the perfume always makes me think Burberry For Woman is going to be heavy, whereas its actually a well balance fragrance.

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Gucci Rush

Gucci Rush is an iconic 2000s fragrance which has an instantly recognisable fragrance. It’s a warm, powdery, sophisticated Peach perfume which is sexy without being overwhelming. I recommend it for an affordable every day perfume appropriate for any occasion really.

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