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In the 2000s Burberry released a series of iconic fragrances which were very popular and usually quite affordable. This article outlines what each of the classic Burberry perfumes smell like and where to get them. Most of the classic Burberry women’s perfumes are now discontinued but can still be found online; in Europe I recommend Notino which stocks many of the discontinued Burberry perfumes at heavily discounted prices. If you’re a Burberry fan, check out my articles on the Burberry Her and My Burberry ranges.

Table of Contents

Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette

Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette is a sweet Almond fragrance. It’s relatively light and lasts a couple of hours. If you’re looking for a stronger Almond perfume I recommend the Elie Saab Girl Of Now range.

The bottle print changed on Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette a few years after its 2004 release; it’s now a much lighter slightly pink bottle with diagonal Burberry stripes.

Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette is available at Amazon and Notino.

Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum

Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum is a stronger and sweeter Almond perfume. Vanilla and Mahogany create a warmer undertone alongside a sweet candied Almond scent.

Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum is available at Amazon and Notino.

Burberry Brit Sheer

Burberry Brit Sheer is a fresh Peony perfume with top notes of Pineapple and Litchi. It reminds me of a sweeter version of Versace Bright Crystal or Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (my article on the best Peony perfumes).

I think Burberry Brit Sheer is quite an innocent fragrance which would be appropriate for a teenager or young girl as well as for any woman.

Burberry Brit Sheer is available at Amazon and Notino.

Burberry Brit Rhythm

Burberry Brit Rhythm is a softer and deeper fragrance compared to the other Burberry Brit perfumes. Lavender, Orris and a hint of Aldehyde create a sophisticated and calming fragrance which is aromatic and clean.

Lavender fragrances always remind me of the smell of a spa, if you’re a fan of them then check out my article on the Best Lavender Perfumes.

Burberry Brit Rhythm is discontinued but available at Perfume Click, The Fragrance Shop, AllBeauty.

Burberry For Women

Burberry Woman, released in 1995, is a sweet Peach and Vanilla fragrance which is youthful and innocent. I think if Burberry re-released Burberry Woman in a cool new bottle it would be popular with young people today. The brownish liquid makes me think that the scent will be an Amber or Aromatic scent, so it’s always a surprised when I’m reminded this is a sweet Peach perfume.

Burberry Woman can be found on Amazon.

Burberry London

Burberry London Eau de Parfum is a classic, inoffensive everyday white floral fragrance which works well as an affordable everyday fragrance. Jasmine, Rose and Honeysuckle create a classic English Garden floral scent which is classy yet simple.

Burberry London is available at Amazon and Notino.

Burberry Weekend

Burberry Weekend is a unique combination of unusual floral notes and fruits. Hyacinth, Rose Hip, Iris, and Sage create a slightly aromatic feel to the floral notes which isn’t to everyone’s taste. Nectarine and Orange create a fruity top note which lasts about ten minutes, after which the floral notes become dominant.

Burberry Weekend is discontinued but available at Notino in Europe and Walmart in the US.

Burberry Touch

Burberry Touch for women, released in 2000, is a fruity floral fragrance which can often be found at very low prices at TJMaxx. A Berry top note and a white floral heart creates a typical ‘fruity-floral’ fragrance. Cedar wood is the main base note which is clean and slightly green.

Burberry Touch is discontinued but still available at Walmart in the US and Notino in the Europe.

Burberry The Beat

Burberry The Beat for women is a Tea scented fragrance. Tea leaves tend to create a green and clean perfume which is classy and unique. Pink Pepper is also noticeable which adds femininity to the Tea scent. There aren’t a lot of perfumes which have a Tea fragrance note as the star of the show, as a result Burberry The Beat is a cult favourite for Tea fragrance lovers.

Although Burberry The Beat is discontinued, it can be found at Walmart.

Burberry Body

Burberry Body was a big new launch for the brand, with a new style bottle and marketing campaign which was everywhere in 2011. I have a friend who wore this for a number of years and I could always smell it on her; so Burberry Body has good projection.

Its a classy Cashmere fragrance which has a slightly powdery, woody Rose heart note and a fresh Peach top note. I think it’s a great fragrance for the office or everyday wear because it’s elegant, clean and pretty universal.

Burberry Body isn’t widely available these days but it can be found in the US at Saks and in Europe at Notino.

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