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The Versace Crystal perfume range has some of the most stunning perfume bottles in the world. Their large crystal lids make them really stand out. What I also love about them is their longevity and great value for money. In my view the Versace Crystal perfume range is totally underrated! This article goes through the range and explains the difference between each version.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette2012Peony, Lotus
Versace Bright Crystal Absolu2013Raspberry, Peony, Lotus
Versace Crystal Noir2004Ginger, Pepper, Coconut
Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette2004Sandalwood, Orange Blossom, Pepper
Versace Yellow Diamond2011Lemon, Mimosa, Freesia
Versace Yellow Diamond Intense2014Citron, Orange Blossom, Freesia

Versace Bright Crystal

In 2012 Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette was released. This fragrance is a lovely fresh lotus perfume with a beautiful peony & magnolia bouquet. There is a hint of a fresh citrus and fruity pomegranate, but predominantly this is a super fresh, aquatic floral fragrance.

I really recommend Versace Bright Crystal as a dupe for Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, and a more affordable alternative to Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu

In 2013 Versace Bright Crystal Absolu was launched. Just like it’s bottle is a stronger pink than the original, so is it’s scent. This fragrance keeps the strong lotus and peony notes of the original but has an added raspberry note.

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu is an Eau de Parfum, so the perfume note ingredients are more concentrated than the original Versace Bright Crystal.

Personally, I prefer this to the original as it’s only slightly more expensive but you get twice as much strength.

I think that Versace Bright Crystal is a pretty good dupe for Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet or a good alternative to Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. Check out my video which explains the similarities.

Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Parfum

The first in the Versace Crystal range, Versace Crystal Noir is a much heavier and moodier scent than the others in the range.

Versace Crystal Noir is a spicy coconut fragrance; with cardamon and pepper supporting a deep coconut scent this perfume is not for the faint hearted.

It has incredible lasting power and is a firm favourite of many coconut scent lovers, and spicy oriental scent fans.

There is a hint of magnolia and an orange blossom in the heart of the perfume which keep the scent feminine, but coconut and spice are the main notes.

Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette

Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette is a different fragrance to the Eau de Parfum. The bottles look quite similar so you have to be careful to purchase the correct one.

This perfume is a woody violet and blackcurrant, with a hint of a fruity fig note.

It still has that night-time mysterious vibe which the Eau de Parfum has, but it’s lighter and doesn’t last as long.

It also doesn’t have the spice or the coconut of Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Parfum.

Versace Yellow Diamond

Released in 2011, Versace Yellow Diamond is a bright citrus floral scent. After an initial blast of lemon the fragrance turns into a clean floral perfume where mimosa, freesia, water lily and African orange flower are the stars of the show.

Versace Yellow Diamond also comes in an Intense version, which I recommend over the original as it lasts longer. It isn’t a significantly different scent, but I do prefer the fact that the mimosa of the Eau de Toilette has been replaced with Orange Blossom which is softer and less ‘green’. If you are looking for something a bit more floral than Versace Bright Crystal then the Versace Yellow Diamond fragrances are for you. I think it’s a fairly safe gift as it’s pretty hard to dislike lemon and white floral notes!

    Soki London

    Sophie is the perfume enthusiast behind Soki London. She reviews the latest perfumes and entire perfume ranges on her YouTube channel and website.