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Michael Kors Gorgeous and Super Gorgeous are two new release perfumes in the Michael Kors fragrance range. This article explains what each smells like and the difference between the two.

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Michael Kors Gorgeous

Michael Kors Gorgeous is a much more sophisticated and interesting scent in comparison to the Wonderlust range of perfumes Michael Kors had been focusing on.

Interestingly, Michael Kors Gorgeous has a tobacco note which combined with orange blossom to create a feminine, classy and warm scent.

Considering that this is a pretty reasonably priced fragrance, I think its good value for money because it could easily be mistaken for a very expensive scent; you can tell that thought and a complex mix of notes have been used.

The warms in the base notes come from Benzoin, Tonka bean, Cashmere, and Guaiac wood. No note stands out above the others, they blend well.

The Orange Blossom heart note is accompanied by Tuberose and Jasmine; classic white floral notes. But its Tobacco note is what makes Michael Kors Gorgeous special (don’t worry it doesn’t make you smell like cigarettes!). The Tobacco note is warm, woody, and works with the creamy base to create a sensual and almost sexy feel to the fragrance.

I’d recommend Michael Kors Gorgeous for pretty much any occasion. You could wear this to the office, to a girl’s night out, or for a Saturday breakfast. It’s universal, good value for money, interesting and feminine – what more do you want from a perfume?

Michael Kors Super Gorgeous

Michael Kors Super Gorgeous is effectively a stronger version of the original Gorgeous.

I’m used to seeing flankers called ‘intense’ and then finding they aren’t intense versions of the original but are instead quite different scents.

Even though Michael Kors Super Gorgeous isn’t called intense, it definitely is.

Most of the original notes remain in the mix so the main difference is the use of a stronger amber base and the addition of a Myrrh perfume note.

Michael Kors Super Gorgeous feels slightly deeper and a bit more oriental when directly compared to Michael Kors Gorgeous. I think if you like the original Gorgeous then you’ll like Super Gorgeous. It also lasts even longer than the original – maybe 10 hours, so again it’s good value for money.

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