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BOSS Alive is the latest female range from Hugo Boss. The fragrance comes in one of their simplest bottles, and I would describe the scent as relatively simple and versatile too. There are three different versions of BOSS Alive, this article reviews each one and explains the difference between them.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
BOSS Alive Eau de Parfum2020Plum, Vanilla, Wood, Jasmine, Cinnamon
BOSS Alive Eau de Toilette2021Mandarin Orange, Apple, Magnolia
BOSS Alive Intense2022Raspberry, Benzoin
BOSS Alive Parfum2023Vetiver, Jasmine, Leather

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BOSS Alive Eau de Parfum

BOSS Alive Eau de Parfum is a comforting every day scent characterised by a fruity Plum, a Vanilla base and even a hint of Cinnamon.

For me, the warm feminine notes of Boss Alive make it ideal for the Fall when you’re looking for a comforting hug from a fragrance.

A Limited Edition Boss Alive was released in 2021, this is the same fragrance but the bottle has stars on.

BOSS Alive has echos of BOSS The Scent for Her which uses fruity peach notes (my article on every version of BOSS The Scent For Her).

BOSS Alive Eau de Toilette

BOSS Alive Eau de Toilette is a light refreshing daytime scent. Instead of warm Plum perfume notes, this version of Alive uses fresh Mandarin Orange, Apple and Lemon. These refreshing fruit notes are complimented by a delicate Magnolia, Jasmine and Clary Sage.

In the Alive range, the Eau de Toilette is probably the least unique. It’s light and sparkling but relatively generic and forgettable.

I recommend BOSS Alive Eau de Toilette as a safe gift for someone, or as a perfume for hot and humid weather.

BOSS Alive Intense

BOSS Alive Intense is a warm amber perfume. It’s slightly stronger than the original BOSS Alive and even warmer.

Benzoin, which is a tree resin note, gives us the majority of the fragrance in BOSS Alive Intense. There is a slight nod towards the Raspberry note, but really BOSS Alive Intense is all about the amber.

I think BOSS Alive Intense would be best for colder months and evenings, it would also work well as a layer onto of the original or EDT

BOSS Alive Parfum

The forth fragrance in the range, BOSS Alive Parfum has quite a unisex feel to it. A vetiver base note creates a woody, green undertone which is fresh and aromatic. In addition, there is a hint of leather which adds warmth and intrigue. There is a jasmine accord in the heart of the fragrance but I find that the vetiver comes through much stronger than this floral note. BOSS Alive Parfum is stronger than the original Eau de Parfum and lasts a good five hours.

BOSS Alive Body Products

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