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Typically, every year Thierry Mugler releases a new flanker in their Alien perfume range. In 2021 they launched Alien Goddess, and in 2022 Alien Goddess Intense. The fragrances come in a beautiful golden bottle supported by a sand and gold themed marketing campaign.

The original Thierry Mugler Alien perfumes are an incredibly strong jasmine scent – and I mean really really strong. Some find them overpowering, but there is no doubt that their longevity and projection makes them amazing value for money. Check out my review on the range here.

Alien Goddess

Alien Goddess has been a big hit for Mugler fragrances. As you’d expect from the Alien perfume range, Alien Goddess is a strong perfume which lasts for hours. The main note is a Bourbon Vanilla which is warm and sweet. There are hints of Coconut which some people find quite strong, I personally find them subtle compared to the dominant Vanilla scent. A Jasmine heart provides a nod to the original Alien fragrance, but really Alien Goddess is all about Vanilla.

Alien Goddess Intense

Alien Goddess Intense is absolutely an intense version of the original scent. This is a very concentrated, very strong perfume. The Vanilla of the original Goddess is still the star of the show, however Amber undertones have been added alongside a more dominant coconut note. The Jasmine of the original Alien fragrance is also more noticeable. Essentially, every fragrance note has been intensified in Alien Goddess Intense.

Soki London

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