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Escada’s new Candy Love and Fairy Love are two of my favourite perfume bottles. Their shiny pink heart shaped bottles are really eye catching and definitely ones for perfume bottle collectors! Both fragrances are vegan and cruelty free. This article explains what each fragrance smells like and the difference between Escada Fairy Love, Candy Love and Show Me Love.

NameTop NotesMiddle NotesBase NotesRelease Date
Escada Candy LoveCandy AppleRoseWhipped Cream, Vanilla2020
Escada Fairy LovePear, Raspberry, OrangeJasmineHazelnut2021
Escada Show Me LoveBlueberryJasmineMacaroon2022
Escada Party LoveCherryWhipped CreamVanilla Cupcake2023

Table of Contents

Escada Candy Love

Escada Candy Love is a true candy apple fragrance. Although the base has whipped cream and vanilla it’s actually the apple note which is the main note. This is a warm fruity fun fragrance which is ideal for day time in the summer. Escada Candy Love is an Eau de Toilette so it lasts a few hours but not all day; however, the price reflects this (you can usually find it for a low price).

Escada Fairy Love

Escada Fairy Love is the second perfume in the range which comes in a gorgeous red and white heart-shaped bottle. I love the candy stripe background in the branding!

This perfume, like its sister Candy Love, is a fruity fragrance. The sweet raspberry and fresh pear make this fragrance even more flirty than Candy Love. Escada Fairy Love though is also a light hearted fun fragrance which is perfect for summer.

Escada Show Me Love

Released in 2022, Escada Show Me Love is a unique Blueberry perfume. It’s fresh and fruity at first but then reveals a sweet Macaroon note; essentially the fragrance smells like a Blueberry Macaroon!

Escada Party Love

2023 sees the release of Escada Party Love; a super sweet cherry fragrance which reminds me of a cherry desert. Whipped cream and a vanilla cupcake undertone create a very rich, sweet accord which brings out the sugary feeling of the cherry top note.

If you’re a fan of cherry perfumes then check out my article on the best cherry fragrances.

Escada Party Love
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