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The Ghost Dream range of perfumes are the third and smallest range from the Ghost brand (also check out my article on the Ghost moon range). This article explains the difference between Ghost Dream, Day Dream and Summer Dream. The Ghost Dream range is available at The Fragrance Shop, Perfume Click, Feel Unique, Escentual, Allbeauty, and Amazon.

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Ghost Dream

Ghost Dream opens with a fresh Rose, but quickly reveals a Patchouli and Heliotrope combination which is creamy and musky. An Ambroxan note adds a dream-like quality (hence the name!).

Ghost Dream is subtle, feminine and simple. It’s an Eau de Parfum and comes in 30ml and 50ml sizes.

Ghost Daydream

Ghost Daydream is a clean, powdery perfume. Violets and Heliotrope combine with white floral notes to create a super feminine, calming fragrance. Ghost Daydream Eau de Parfum is available in 30ml and 50ml size bottles which have a pearlescent lilac shimmer.

Ghost Summer Dream

Ghost Summer Dream
Ghost Summer Dream

Ghost Summer Dream is a departure from its powdery and musky predecessors. A fresh citrus opening note is fruity and definitely makes you feel like summer. This is then followed by quite strong florals, alongside a hint of Amber.

The strength of Ghost Summer Dream is very good which I think makes it great value for money.

Ghost Summer Dream Eau de Parfum is now discontinued.

Ghost Summer Dream
Ghost Summer Dream

Ghost Forever Dream

The autumn of 2022 saw the release of Ghost Forever Dream, which comes in a pretty amethyst bottle. The main note is a fruity Blackcurrant which is quite moorish; when I first tried Ghost Forever Dream I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist! Violet and a woody Patchouli support the Blackcurrant note but they aren’t particularly strong, really it’s all about that fruity Blackcurrant.

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