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Even though Maison Crivelli was only launched in 2018 by perfumer Thibaud Crivelli, the brand already has 12 perfumes in their range. This article reviews each fragrance and explains what each smells like.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Santal Volcanique2018Sandalwood, Ginger, Cardemon
Bois Datchaï 2018Cedar, Papayus, Guaiac Wood, Incense, Blackcurrant
Fleur Diamantine2018Neroli, Mint, Jasmine, Oaskmoss, Saffron
Rose SaltifOlia2018Rose, Seawater, Seaweed, Salt
Absinthe Boréale2019Lavender, Rosemary, Balm, Clary Sage
Citrus Batikanga2019Red Pepper, Vetiver, Citrus, Myrrh, Cardemon
Papyrus Moleculaire2020Papyrus, Resin, Coriander, Pepper, Tobacco
Iris Malikhân2020Orris, Vanilla, Leather, Galbanum, Amber
Lys Sølaberg2021Tired Fruit, Carrot Seeds, Mate, Ambroxan
Osmanthe Kodoshan2021Black Tea, Star Anise, Osmanthus, Pepper, Patchouli
Hibiscus Mahajád2021Hibiscus, Rose, Cassis, Vanilla, Leather
Patchouli Magnetik2022Patchouli, Benzoin, Sandalwood
Ambre Chromatique2022Amber, Vanilla, Benzoin, Osmanthus
Oud Maracuja2023Oud, Leather, Saffron, Passionfruit
Oud Stallion2023Oud, Leather, Cardamon, Nutmeg

Santal Volcanique

Don’t be put off by the reference to a Volcano in the title; Santal Volcanique doesn’t have any burnt or charcoal notes in it. Instead it’s a refreshing, masculine Sandalwood accompanied by clean top notes of Lime and Ginger, followed by Cardamon and Cedar.

I recommend Santal Volcanique as a classy every day scent for a gentleman.

Bois Datchaï

Bois Datchaï reminds me of walking through a forest in the autumn. The smell of bark and leaves really comes through followed by a hint of an Oudy wood and Incense.

I think Bois Datchaï works as a unisex fragrance; it’s definitely one for woody perfume fans!

Fleur Diamantine

A hint of aromatic Mint mixes with green Jasmine and Neorli to make Fleur Diamantine a fresh, clean every day fragrance. I do think Fleur Diamantine works as a unisex fragrance so men shouldn’t be put off by the ‘Fleur’ in the name.

It’s a relatively subtle scent so perhaps best for hot weather and the summertime.

Rose SaltifOlia

Rose SaltifOlia is a unique combination of fresh Rose and a salty sea water note. Imaging roses growing on a cliff top, sprinkled with spray from the sea. A salty seaweed note emerges after the initial blast of Rose scent. Rose SaltifOlia is unexpected and unique.

Absinthe Boréale

The scent of Absinthe Boréale reminds me of that ‘just washed’, soapy smell which is left in the bathroom after a man has been shaving. Eucalyptus, Lavender and a balmy Rosemary create a fresh, green aromatic scent which feels light enough for a day time or ‘post-gym’ fragrance.

Citrus Batikanga

Citrus Batikanga is a unique combination of Citrus notes and a Spicy red pepper. After this unusual combination fades down, a more traditional Citrus and Vetiver scent emerges; again making it feel like a fresh every day scent.

Papyrus Moleculaire

Papyrus Moleculaire is reminiscent of Le Labo Santal 33. Clean, woody notes hide a hint of spicy tobacco. I feel like Papyrus Moleculaire is lighter than Santal 33 but it has the same clean, classy feel.

Iris Malikhân

Iris Malikhân is a heavy Orris fragrance. Deep aromatic Leather notes combine with green Galbanum notes which remind me of English woodland.

Iris Malikhân is one of the heaviest perfumes from Maison Crivelli.

Lys Sølaberg

Lys Sølaberg opens with a unique smokey fruit note which feels comforting and expensive. After a while an Ambroxan note becomes more dominant which makes Lys Sølaberg feel quite comforting and cosy; ideal for a cosy day in on a snowy winter day.

Osmanthe Kodoshan

Typically, Osmanthus has a fruity smell similar to apricot. Osmanthe Kodoshan however has a hint of Osmanthus but stronger notes of Pepper, Tobacco and Star Anause make this quite a spicy, oriental fragrance.

Hibiscus Mahajád

Hibiscus Mahajád is my personal favourite fragrance from Maison Crivelli.

Hibiscus is such a fun, exotic and tropical note that always whisks me away to the Caribbean. Alongside Hibiscus, a Cassis and Rose note (key notes in my favourite Lancôme Tresor Midnight Rose) create a beautiful perfume which I’m addicted to!

I love how strong the Hibiscus is, as usually, as with Bvlgari Omnia Coral, it can be quite a subtle scent.

Hibiscus Mahajád is an Extrait de Parfum, which means its very concentrated and gives it super lasting power.

Patchouli Magnetik

Patchouli Magnetik is certainly a fragrance for lovers of Patchouli. It’s an incredible strong fragrance, which starts with a hint of Vanilla and Benzoin but soon develops to be a deep, sultry Patchouli bomb.

Patchouli isn’t often used as a main note in male fragrances, so Patchouli Magnetik is great for men looking for a Patchouli perfume. Equally, women who are fans of scents like Bvlgari Splendida Patchouli will love Patchouli Magnetik.

Ambre Chromatique

Ambre Chromatique is a unique combination of Amber and green tropical notes.

The concept of Ambre Chromatique is the idea of searching through the depth of the jungle in search of Amber.

Often Amber is used in more wintery fragrances, so I think Ambre Chromatique is perfect if you love Amber but want a summer scent.

I also love the bright tropical branding!

Oud Maracujá

2023 sees the release of Maison Crivelli Oud Maracujá. This fragrance is a unique combination of Oud and fruit. The passionfruit top note lifts the traditionally heavy oud scent to create an oud which is made for warm weather. I really get the leather note in Oud Maracujá as well, however it doesn’t feel overly masculine. The longevity is very good; I could smell it on my clothes the day after!

Oud Stallion

Maison Crivelli Oud Stallion

Maison Crivelli Oud Stallion is a limited edition perfume created exclusively for Harrods. Released at the same time as Oud Maracujá it has a similar style but instead of a passionfruit top note it uses saffron and cardamon to create a sharper, and deeper scent.

Thibaud Crivelli

Thibaud Crivelli
Thibaud Crivelli

Thibaud Crivelli is the creative force behind Maison Crivelli which he launched in 2018.

Born in France, Thiabaud has travelled extensively and brings his different experiences to the scents he creates for Maison Crivelli. He enjoys creating an open and playful space when creating new fragrances; working with a range of different perfumers who bring different ideas and personalities to the brand.

Soki London

Sophie is the perfume enthusiast behind Soki London. She reviews the latest perfumes and entire perfume ranges on her YouTube channel and website.