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Anna Sui, the renowned American fashion designer, has long been celebrated for her eclectic and imaginative creations that embody a whimsical and bohemian spirit. Her fashion collections have enthralled the industry, but it is her olfactory creations that have truly captivated perfume enthusiasts around the globe.

In this comprehensive guide, I delve into the enchanting world of Anna Sui perfumes, exploring the fragrance composition of each scent. From the iconic purple bottles adorned with delicate butterflies to the vibrant and playful concoctions within, each fragrance tells a unique story and captures a different facet of Anna Sui’s creative vision. Whether you’re an avid collector, a devoted fan, or simply curious about discovering a new signature scent, this article aims to be your go-to resource for the Anna Sui perfumes as I uncover the inspiration behind the scents, the carefully selected notes that create their distinct character, and the stories that inspired their creation. I will discuss the fragrance families, the mood they evoke, and the occasions they are best suited for, ensuring that you can make an informed choice when selecting your next Anna Sui perfume.

Whether you’re drawn to the sweet and romantic floral notes of Flight of Fancy or the sultry and mysterious allure of Sui Dreams, there is an Anna Sui perfume waiting to be discovered that will resonate with your individuality and enhance your personal style.

Perfume ReleaseFragrance notes
Romantica2015Pink Peony, May Rose, Pomegranate and Grapefruit
Romantica Exotica2016Lemon, Black Currant, Lotus and Cottonwood
Fantasia2017Pomelo, Raspberry, Cypress and Himalayan Cedar
Mermaid Fantasia2019Blood Orange, Peony, Honey and White Wood
Secret Wish Magic Romance2006Melon, Lemon, Coconut, Lotus and Rosewood
Serenity Wish2019Sea Notes, Apple, Frangipani, Iris and Orange Blossom
Secret Wish Fairy Dance2012Mango, Mandarin Orange, Peony and Vanilla
Lucky Wish2016Pomelo, Iced Lemon, Orchid and Bamboo
Secret Wish2005Pineapple, Black Currant, Melon and Peach
La Vie de Boheme2012Red Berries, Pear, Rose, Peony and Raspberry
La Nuit de Boheme2014Blackberry, Oud, Amber and Patchouli
Sui Dreams2000Mandarin Orange, Peach, Vanilla and Nutmeg
Dreams in Purple2019Lavender, Heliotrope, Orchid, Kiwi and Pear
Dreams in Green2015Citrus, Peach, Lily-Of-The-Valley and Tea
Dreams in Pink2014Peony, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Freesia and Hibiscus
Dreams in Yellow2016Mandarin Orange, Lotus, White Musk and Amber
Flight of Fancy2007Yuzu, lemon, Litchi, Magnolia and Musk
Flight of Fancy Spirit2018Mango, Frangipani, Lotus, Sea Notes and Musk
Night of Fancy2008Blueberry, Wild Strawberry, Milk and Cashmere Wood
Rock Me!2009Orange, Pear, Peach, Lotus and Vanilla
Rock Me! Summer of Love2010Bergamot, Hyssop, Water Lily, Peach and Amber
L’Amour Rose2016Macarons, Pistachio, Cherry Blossoms and Cotton Candy
L’Amour Rose de Versailles2018Orange, Apricots, Rose, Macarons and Patchouli
Forbidden Affair2010Raspberry, Black Currant, Pomegranate and Wood


Perfect for fans of pink perfumes, Romantica is an airy fragrance with a lovely assemblage of florals such as pink peony, May Rose and hortensia enriched with fruity top notes of pomegranate, grapefruit, and citrus. It is housed in a dainty pink bottle that screams pretty and feminine. It ‘s a great option if you’re looking for a fun, feminine perfumes with a youthful feel.

Romantica Exotica

Anna Sui Romantic Exotica is a carefree and elevating scent with notes of lemon, blackcurrant, jasmine, lotus and cottonwood. This is a fragrance that vibes perfectly with tropical weather or holidays. It fits cutely in a handbag and is a refreshing floral scent that feels extremely light and apt for the hot seasons.


Anna Sui Fantasia is a sparkling summery fragrance inside the most ornate and stunning bottle, with a unicorn on top, that could be a figurine were it not a perfume. The fragrance itself is equally glamorous with notes of pomelo, raspberry, cypress and Himalayan cedar. It is a happy-go-lucky fragrance that transports you to a tranquil state.

Mermaid Fantasia

A magical fragrance that balances on sweet and musky with notes of blood orange, peony, honey and white wood. It has a playful mermaid figure atop the bottle, giving the fragrance its fantasy effect which is similar to that of the original fantasia, as well as hints of sea salt. The initial few minutes are sweet honey and fruity notes all around and as it dries, the sea salt notes and the woody notes combine, which is why this fragrance is quite good for lasting.

Secret Wish Magic Romance

Magic Romance from the lovely Secret Wish range transports me to a beach vacation place with just a few spritz. With notes of melon, lemon, lotus, coconut and rosewood, I can experience the whole relaxing on an island vibe from the comforts of my home. The fragrance when I spray it smells like sipping pina colada on a beach surrounded by the lovely scent of lotus floating around and the warmth from a woody aroma. 

Serenity Wish

Complete with accords of sea, apple, frangipani, orange blossom and iris, Serenity Wish is quite possibly the lightest and airiest fragrance from the entire range. It has the aquatic note from the sea air accords and a cheeriness from the fruit and floral notes.

Secret Wish Fairy Dance

One for the mango fans! Fairy Dance from the gorgeous Secret Wish range is a joyful fragrance with mango, mandarin orange, peony, rose and vanilla. It is a sweet fragrance with the mango taking centre stage in this tropical cocktail- like perfume ensemble.

Lucky Wish

Lucky Wish is a floral and citrus fragrance with top notes of pomelo and iced lemon, heart notes of bamboo and orchid and a base of musk. It is a tropical fragrance that feels very elevating and fresh. I adore the fairy designs on the bottle, I think it completes the entire magical and fantasy-filled experience.

Secret Wish

Secret Wish feels like it can brighten up any dull day and I cannot help but smile when I spray it on. It is a fruit basket fragrance with notes of pineapple, melon, black currant, peach and amber, clustered in a modern and fun bottle. It is the ideal tropical fragrance for any and all and has a most divine fresh sweetness. No surprise that it is a best seller. 

La Vie de Boheme

La Vie de Boheme is a fruity floral imitation of the Bohemian-Parisian lifestyle in a fetching lavender bottle with notes of red berries, pear, rose, peony and raspberry. It’s light, fruity and apt for daytime application. I find this slightly more sophisticated when compared to the others but is still carefree in its own way.

La Nuit de Boheme

La Nuit de Boheme, a night variation of the range, is all about showcasing a regal aura. It is housed in a captivating bottle of lustrous gold and oozes royalty, not just through appearance. The notes of blackberry, oud, amber, patchouli and cedar all combine and create a dense, sweet and slightly smoky fragrance.

Sui Dreams

An elegant and stylish perfume for a modern day person is Sui Dreams. It has notes of mandarin orange, peach, Tahitian vanilla and nutmeg. It is a fun, revitalising scent that stars peach and sweet vanilla. The nutmeg is intriguing and welcomed for a breeze of warmth that co-exists well with the other notes.

Dreams in Purple

Staying true to its name, Dreams in Purple has many purple ingredients like lavender, heliotrope, orchid along with kiwi and pear. The dominant scent is from the lavender, which envelopes me with a lovely warm floral scent and the fruity notes add some wonderful freshness without being too sweet or citrusy.

Dreams in Green

Dreams in Green reminds me of the smell of dew on grass, with a light sweetness. It has notes of citrus, peach, lily-of-the-valley and tea which all cluster to form a melody of green sweetness, very rejuvenating and lightly warming.

Dreams in Pink

Any Disney princess would fall over her feet to have this one! It is a glamorous fragrance with notes of peony, pomegranate, raspberry, freesia and hibiscus. Fun and girly factor makes it perfect for daytime, everyday and hot weather. 

Dreams in Yellow

Boldly featuring a fragrant mandarin orange, Dreams in Yellow is a perfume with lotus for some tropical feel and white musk and amber for some definition. Predominantly it is an orange scent but the accentuation from the other notes take it from simple citrus to simply fabulous!

Flight of Fancy

One of the more popular ones from the Anna Sui range is Flight of Fancy with its widely recognisable peacock fanned on the top. It has invigorating notes of yuzu, lemon, litchi, magnolia and musk, so it’s fresh and fruity with character additions from the florals and musk.

Flight of Fancy Spirit

Another beautiful one for the mango lovers is Flight of Fancy Spirit. This exotic perfume has notes of citrus, frangipani, lotus, sea notes and musk. This whole fragrance paints a picturesque scene of a beach, sipping on a mango smoothie with the smell of flowers and vegetation all around. Calm, tranquil and comforting. This is my preferred one over the original.

Night of Fancy

A child-like joy is found in Night of Fancy with notes of blueberry, wild strawberry, stephanotis, milk and cashmere wood. It smells so much like a blueberry milkshake which puts a smile on my face, with some depth from the leafy and woody notes. This night flanker is deep, sweet and incredibly luscious.

Rock Me!

An energetic and citrus sweet perfume with notes of orange, pear, peach, lotus and vanilla. It is slightly heavy but still fresh, depicts the whole rock and roll aura and has great longevity. It’s highly attractive and addictive, so much so that it almost gives off a rock concert high.

Rock Me! Summer of Love

This is a fresher flanker of the original, reminiscent of a romantic ensemble, spring concert. It has notes of bergamot, hyssop, water lily, peach and amber. It feels very fresh and youthful. It gives off an air of carefree, happy-go-lucky summer vibes and is great for daytime wear.

L’Amour Rose de Versailles

An orange version of the original is de Versailles, a sweet fruity gourmand perfume with notes of apricot, rose, macarons and patchouli. This has an orange macaron scent and a fantastic lasting capability provided by the patchouli, which is unique to this one in the entire Anna Sui range.

L’Amour Rose

A romantic, sweet gourmand perfume, quite possibly the sweetest from the range, is found in L’Amour Rose with notes of macarons, pistachio, cherry blossom and cotton candy. It is incredibly sweet, almost like a sweet shop scent that surrounds me almost instantly. I like the slight nuttyness, overall making it very patisserie and sensual.

Forbidden Affair

Forbidden Affair is an amorous fruity fragrance that abounds in sweet berry notes of raspberry, pomegranate, red currant, black currant and wood. It feels like an enchanted forest, completely magical, mysteries and fairy-tale like. With sweet and fruity in perfect balance, this is a great one for some sparkle and flair!

Soki London

Sophie is the perfume enthusiast behind Soki London. She reviews the latest perfumes and entire perfume ranges on her YouTube channel and website.