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The Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo has a number of modern, girly perfumes. The Amo Ferragamo fragrances are fruity, fresh and light-hearted scents which have Suki Waterhouse as the face of the fragrance. There are three different versions of Amo Ferragamo and two Limited Editions. You can also check out my review of the Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina range.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Amo Ferragamo2018Campari, Blackcurrant, Rhubarb, Vanilla
Amo Ferragamo Flowerful2019Campari, Peony, Vanilla Orchid
Amo Ferragamo Per Lei2020Pear, Magnolia, Raspberry
Amo Ferragamo Limited Edition2018Campari, Blackcurrant, Rhubarb, Vanilla
Amo Ferragamo Holiday Edition2019Campari, Blackcurrant, Rhubarb, Vanilla

Amo Ferragamo

Amo Ferragamo is a sweet sherbet cocktail. The orange of the Campari mixes with fruity notes of Blackcurrant and Rhubarb to create a super fun fruity scent. The Vanilla in the fragrance base keeps sweetness

Although Amo Ferragamo is an Eau de Parfum, it’s relatively delicate and light.

Amo Ferragamo Flowerful

Amo Ferragamo Flowerful keeps the orange Campari perfume note of the original Amo perfume and adds fresh floral notes of Peony, Plum Blossom and Vanilla Orchid.

I love the pearlescent colour of the bottle and the ‘flower power’ marketing. Amo Ferragamo Flowerful is one of those perfumes which makes you smile!

Amo Ferragamo Per Lei

Amo Ferragamo Per Lei is all about Pear. I love Pear in fragrances because its fruity yet fresh, clean yet modern and it fits so well into the Amo Ferragamo range.

Alongside Pear there is a Raspberry, Magnolia and a delicate Magnolia which create femininity to support the Pear top note.

Amo Ferragamo Limited Edition

Suki Waterhouse for Amo Ferragamo

Soki London

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