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In 2020 Marc Jacobs Perfect was launched, followed by Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense in 2021 and an Eau de Toilette version in 2023. This article explains what each smells like and the difference between them.

Marc Jacobs Perfect

Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Parfum

Marc Jacobs Perfect was a slightly different kind of perfume release for Marc Jacobs.

The new bottle is quite different to the Marc Jacobs Daisy range which we are used to. The lid is covered in little trinkets; a banana, dice, stars, cherries and even a shoe.

The idea behind the marketing campaign is that we are all perfect in our own way.

The scent itself is a fresh rhubarb, followed by a cashmere and almond warmth. It’s simple, sophisticated and ideal for daytime or as a perfume to wear to work.

It is an Eau de Parfum but it’s not super strong and won’t lest you all day, you’ll need to top up.

Personally, I prefer the Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense…

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense

Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense

In 2021 we saw the release of Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense. This new perfume doesn’t have the fresh rhubarb of the original, instead this fragrance is all about a warm almond scent.

There is a slight feminine touch which is from a Narcissus, and Night Blooming Jasmine, but first and foremost this is an almond scent.

It’s certainly stronger than the original Perfect, although personally I wouldn’t describe it as an ‘intense’ fragrance.

Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Toilette

Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Toilette

2023 sees the release of the third version Perfect; Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Toilette. Personally, I don’t find the original Perfect Eau de Parfum to be particularly strong so unsurprisingly I found Perfect Eau de Toilette very light. The fragrance is a slightly herbal, green floral scent which focuses on a delicate Narcissus flower. I recommend Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Toilette for someone looking for a very light, innocent and feminine fragrance.

Soki London

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