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Perfumes with a calming powder fragrance note can be reminiscent of the smell of Baby Powder. These type of fragrances us ingredients like Orris, Violet, and a soft Vanilla to recreate that Baby Powder smell. This article outlines the best perfumes which smell like Baby Powder and links to where to get them

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Flower by Kenzo

Flower By Kenzo
Flower By Kenzo

The original Flower by Kenzo is a super powdery fragrance which certainly evokes that Baby Powder smell. White Musk and Violet are the two fragrance note which create the powdery feel, supported by a Vanilla and Rose which also add warm powdery vibes.

Demeter Baby Powder

The Demeter fragrances are all single-scent perfumes which focus on evoking or representing a particular smell. Demeter Baby Powder is a pure Baby Powder scent which really does take your to your baby memories and the scent of being around a baby. Demeter fragrances are available at Notino in the UK and Europe, Fresh Fragrances in Australia and Walmart in the US.

The Body Shop White Musk

One of the original The Body Shop Fragrances, White Musk has been a staple for the brand for decades. The range is a clean musk which evokes the cleanness of Baby Powder; its also Vegan and very affordable! For more on Musky fragrances, check out my article on the Best Musk Perfumes.

In the UK use code AFFSOKI for 20% off The Body Shop.

Prada Infusion D’Iris

Iris is a very powdery fragrance note and I find as Prada Infusion D’Iris (my article on the Best Iris perfumes) dries down it becomes a musky perfume which is similar to the smell of Baby Powder.

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