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In recent years we have seen fragrance houses trying to create scents which recreate the smell of the rain. The technical name, Petrichor, is used to describe the slightly earthy, aquatic smell that is unique to the outdoors after a rain shower. I personally love this scent; its clean and refreshing while feeling very natural. This article outlines the best perfumes that smell like Rain and links to where to get them.

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Commodity Rain

Commodity fragrances are a niche fragrance brand who have a series of unique scents, many inspired by nature. For me, their Commodity Rain Eau de Parfum is one of the closest fragrances to the real scent of the rain. It has the same freshness as rain but doesn’t have too much green or earthy tones which can overtake the delicate aquatic notes.

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H&M Rain

H&M Rain is my other top pick for the best fragrance that smells like rain. It’s fresh and aquatic and feels very close to Petrichor. The H&M fragrances are very affordable and they have a great selection.

H&M Rain is available in the USUKFranceDE, AT, DK, HU, NL, NO, FI, PO, SE, and the rest of the world.

Demeter Petrichor

Demeter are an affordable, no-frills fragrance brand who have hundreds of different scents. Their Petrichor fragrance does indeed have the watery, ‘just rained’ scent. Some people find it can be a bit medicinal or they get a slightly chemical smell from the fragrance which is unfortunate. Although it’s a Cologne, Demeter Petrichor has good lasting power.

Replica When The Rain Stops

I was really excited when Maison Margiela announced it was releasing When The Rain Stops in their Replica fragrance range.

Personally, I don’t think Replica When The Rain Stops smells like Rain. It is certainly fresh, but there are lots of green Pine tree notes and even a hint of Rose. I also found it quite masculine rather than a unisex scent of rain.

Le Labo Baie 19

Baie 19 from Le Labo is said by some to recreate the smell of the Rain and Petrichor. I find that it smells more like the scent of rain drops on leaves within a forest; its quite green and has a Juniper Berry note.

If you’re a fan of green fragrances, checkout my article on The Best Green Perfumes.

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