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Welcome to my guide to all the Chloé Nomade perfumes! This guide will provide an overview of the range, including the different fragrance notes in each of the five different versions of Chloé Nomade. We will also discuss the history of the Chloé Nomade brand which has recently diversified into a ‘naturalle’ style of fragrance. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Chloé Nomade!

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum2018Oakmoss, Plum, Patchouli
Chloé Nomade Eau de Toilette2019Litchi, Freesia, Oakmoss
Chloé Nomade Absolu2020Mirabelle Plum, Oakmoss
Chloé Nomade Naturelle Eau de Parfum2022Dates, Plum, Jasmine, Vanilla, Sandalwood
Chloé Nomade Jasmin Naturel Intense2023Dates, Jasmine, Vanilla, Oakmoss

In the UK I recommend getting Chloé Nomade fragrances from LOOKFANTASTIC where you can get 20% off with code LFTFSOKI. In the US they can be found at Ulta.

Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum

For me, the original Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum is the epitome of a modern oakmoss perfume. Oakmoss is a fragrant, lichen-like plant that grows on oak trees. It is often used in perfumes and other fragrant products, and has a woody, earthy aroma. Alongside patchouli, the oakmoss creates a deep, ‘outdoors’ feeling. There are some citrus and fruity plum top notes and a freesia in the heart, but really its the oakmoss which dominates the scent.

Chloé Nomade Eau de Toilette

The Eau de Toilette version of Chloé Nomade keeps the oakmoss but has the patchouli removed. A litchi top note has been added which comes through in the fruity, fresh top note. The absence of patchouli means that the freesia heart note is more noticeable, creating a more feminine and delicate scent.

Chloé Nomade Absolu

I understand Chloé Nomade Absolu is the most popular perfume in the range due to its unique scent. However, it has recently been discontinued. In this fragrance the signature Chloé Nomade oakmoss note has been combined with a smokey tone which adds mystery and a slightly tart fruitiness which really make the scent unique. I think its quite a sexy fragrance and being an Eau de Parfum Absolu it has great lasting power.

You can still find the Absolute version at Walmart, QVC US, and LOOKFANTASTIC (20% off with code LFTFSOKI).

Chloé Nomade Naturelle Eau de Parfum

Chloé Nomade Naturelle is the sweetest perfume in the Nomade range. A date and mirabelle plum top note create a feminine fruity opening note which is supported by a warm vanilla base. The heart of the fragrance is jasmine which bring the fragrance in line with many new released of the 2020s. Creamy sandalwood creates a softness which calms the hint of oakmoss which provides a nod to the signature Chloé Nomade scent.

Chloé Nomade Naturelle can be found at Walmart and LOOKFANTASTIC (20% off with code LFTFSOKI).

Chloé Nomade Jasmin Naturel Intense

Chloé Nomade Jasmin Naturel Intense is my personal favourite fragrance in the Nomade range. It’s a beautiful, warm jasmine scent which feels cosy and interesting due to the fruity date fragrance note. Jasmin Naturel Intense is essentially a stronger, warmer version of Chloé Nomade Naturelle.

The new Chloé Nomade Jasmin Naturel Intense can be found at Chloe US and LOOKFANTASTIC (20% off with code LFTFSOKI).

Soki London

Sophie is the perfume enthusiast behind Soki London. She reviews the latest perfumes and entire perfume ranges on her YouTube channel and website.


  • Kat says:

    Love your website and these perfume range reviews, I really appreciate all the detail you go into! I just wanted to ask where you’d heard that Nomade Absolu de Parfum has been discontinued. I’ve just recently got a sample of this and I’m loving it, so I hope it’s not true. It’s still available on the Chloe website – or maybe they’ve changed their mind and brought it back out?