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Amongst the extensive range of Tom Ford fragrances, the three cherry scents stand out with their bright red bottles and unique fragrance combinations. In this article I explain what each Tom Ford cherry perfume smells like and the difference between them.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Tom Ford Lost Cherry2018Sour Cherry, Aloud, Liquor, Cinnamon
Tom Ford Cherry Smoke2022Cherry, Leather, Smoke
Tom Ford Electric Cherry2023Cherry, Musk, Ginger

The Tom Ford fragrances can be found in the UK at LOOKFANTASTIC where you can get 21% off with code LFTFSOKI. In the US and Canada they can be found at Sephora.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Tom Ford Lost Cherry was the first cherry perfume released by the brand. I think it surprised a lot of people because this fragrance has so many more strong notes in it that just cherry. It’s definitely a sweet scent, created by a bitter almond heart and a hint of liquor. The cherry note is sour and warm with hints of cinnamon which remind me of Christmas! It’s an intense perfume which lasts well; something I’d expect for the hefty price tag.

Tom Ford Electric Cherry

Electric Cherry is one of my favourite fragrances from Tom Ford. This fragrance allows the cherry note to shine through, complimenting it with pink pepper and a fresh ginger top note. If you’re looking for a cherry fragrance which has lasting power then Tom Ford Electric Cherry is for you!

Tom Ford Cherry Smoke

Tom Ford Cherry Smoke does exactly what it says it will; combining a sexy and intriguing smokey note with the range’s signature cherry scent. It reminds me of a heavier version of Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry (which is much more affordable!). A dominant leather note combines well with the smoky accords to create a very deep and warm fragrance which feels very unisex. The cherry is noticeable but isn’t the star of the show as the smoke and leather are really quite strong.

Soki London

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