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For about seven years, Beyoncé released at least one fragrance a year. She hasn’t released any perfumes recently but many of her scents still sell well due to their affordability. Beyoncé has also been the face of the Armani Diamonds perfumes, reviewed here. There are 12 Beyoncé perfumes available, this article reviews each one and explains where they can be purchased.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Heat2010 Orchid, Almond, White Florals, Peach
Heat Rush2010Passionfruit, Mango Blossom
Midnight Heat2012Plum, Sweet Florals
Heat Wild Orchid2014Coconut, Magnolia
Heat Kissed2015Vanilla, Patchouli
Heat Seduction2016Powdery notes, Spices
Shimmering Heat2017Lily-of-the-valley, Green notes
Pulse2011Curaçao, Sweet Orange and Lemon
Pulse Summer Edition2012Fresh Orange
Pulse NYC2013Raspberry cupcake
Rise Sheer2015Lemon, Basil, Sorbet, Woods

Table of Contents

Beyoncé Heat

Beyoncé Heat is an interesting first perfume from a celebrity. Where as Britney and Rhianna went for very sweet perfumes at first, Beyoncé Heat is a feminine white floral perfume with hints of Peach but also Amber and Tonka Bean. Beyoncé Heat can usually be found at very affordable prices and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an affordable every day scent which can be worn for any occasion.

Beyoncé Heat Rush

Beyoncé Heat Rush is a super fruity orange perfume; Passionfruit and Cherry create an orange cocktail vibe which is fun and tropical. Mango Blossom, Hibiscus and Orchids create a feminine exotic heart note too; making Beyoncé Heat Rush ideal for vacation.

If you like orange fragrances like me, then check out my article on The Best Orange Perfumes here.

Beyoncé Midnight Heat

I love purple so Beyoncé Heat Midnight is one of my favourite bottles in the Beyoncé range. Interestingly, it reminds me of the purple Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy which has similar notes and is a similar price.

Plum is the main note in Beyoncé Heat Midnight which is slightly sour, and accompanied by some sweet floral notes. Personally, I recommend sticking with Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy because it has much better lasting power.

Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid

Personally, Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid is my favourite in the Heat range. It’s mainly a Coconut perfume but it also has super feminine Orchid and Magnolia notes too.

As far as Coconut fragrances go, Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid is probably the most affordable option available right now.

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Beyoncé Heat Kissed

Beyoncé Heat Kissed is a classic Vanilla and Patchouli fragrance.

I recommend Beyoncé Heat Kissed if you were a Patchouli perfume like Armani Si and are looking for an affordable handbag perfume to top it up with.

Beyoncé Heat Seduction

Beyoncé Heat Seduction is an unconventional powdery and spicy fragrance. I don’t think it was particularly popular because it could be interpreted as a more old-fashioned scent.

Beyoncé Shimmering Heat

Beyoncé Shimmering Heat is the freshest of the Heat fragrances. It’s a light Lily-of-the-valley perfume with fresh green undertones. I recommend Beyoncé Shimmering Heat for the office because it’s inoffensive and feminine without being too flowery or sweet.

Beyoncé Pulse

The main note in Beyoncé Pulse is Curaçao which has a tropical Orange feel to it. The other main note is a sweet Lemon, almost like a sherbet lemon which I really love. I find Beyoncé Pulse quite addictive, its definitely a summertime scent, and I like to spray lots of it on hot summer days.

Beyoncé Summer Pulse

Beyoncé Summer Pulse is a lighter, less sweet version of the original Pulse. The Orange note remains the main note but it’s a fresh Orange without the sweetness of Pulse.

Beyoncé Pulse NYC

Beyoncé Pulse NYC is a very sweet perfume. On top of a Patchouli base note, a sweet Raspberry Cupcake note creates a fragrance which is definitely one for fans of very sweet perfumes.

Beyoncé Rise

The last perfumes Beyoncé released are the Rise fragrances. I’m not sure how popular these were; I personally find the bottles a but boring compared to her other ones.

Beyoncé Rise is much more grown-up than her previous fragrances. This is a woody Cashmere perfume which uses a warm Apricot to add a fruitiness which reminds me of Hugo Boss Alive.

Beyoncé Rise Sheer

Beyoncé Rise Sheer
Beyoncé Rise Sheer

Beyoncé Rise Sheer is much lighter than Rise; it focuses on Lemon and Basil top notes which have a slightly sweet Sorbet scent added to them.

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