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If you are looking for a scent that is elegant, sophisticated, and timeless, you can’t go wrong with the Armani Si fragrances. With its signature notes of cassis, vanilla, and patchouli, the Giorgio Armani Si range offers a variety of scents that last well and are perfect for any occasion. In this guide, I will take you through each fragrance in the collection, highlighting its unique characteristics and what makes it stand out from the others. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Giorgio Armani perfumes or just discovering the brand, this guide is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about the Si range. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Giorgio Armani Si!

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum 2013Cassis, Vanilla, Patchouli
Giorgio Armani Si Intense2014Cassis, Vanilla, Patchouli
Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette2015Blackcurrant, orange, Freesia
Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature2016Rose, Blackcurrant, Vanilla
Giorgio Armani Si Le Parfum2016Amber, Incense, Blackcurrant
Giorgio Armani Si Passione2017Blackcurrant, Pineapple, Rose
Sì Passione Eau de Parfum Exclusive Edition2017Blackcurrant, Pineapple, Rose
Giorgio Armani Si Fiori2019Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Neroli
Giorgio Armani Si Passione Intense2020Blackcurrant, Musk
Giorgio Armani Si Passione Eclat2022Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Rose
Giorgio Armani Si Intense 20212021Blackcurrant, Rose, Benzoin
Giorgio Armani Si Passione Exclusive Edition 20212021Blackcurrant, Pineapple, Rose
Giorgio Armani Si Intense 20232023Blackcurrant, Rose, Vanilla

Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum

Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum is a feminine strong Patchouli, Vanilla, and Cassis fragrance.

Imagine if Chanel Coco Mademoiselle had more Vanilla and no Rose; that would create Giorgio Armani Si.

It’s great for lasting and I always get compliments when I wear it. It works for day and night time, because it’s feminine and sexy without being a ‘party’ fragrance. As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan!

Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum

Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette

Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette
Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette

In 2015 the original was followed by a Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette which is now discontinued but you can still buy it online here.

I really like this one as it focuses on the blackcurrant parts of cassis along with orange, strawberry and even a hint of mango. Along with the patchouli and vanilla of the original, this makes a really pretty summer eau de toilette. I’d recommend getting it before it disappears from the internet completely!

Giorgio Armani Si Body Products

Giorgio Armani Si Le Parfum

Following a similar pattern to most designer fragrance houses, in 2016 we then got Giorgio Armani Si Le Parfum – a stronger and intense version of the original.

This fragrance has incense, amber and benzoin added to the original formulation, and is a more concentrated fragrance. As a result this is a much deeper and oriental interpretation. If you’re a fan of incense scents like Dior’s poison, then this is for you.

Giorgio Armani Si Passione

Giorgio Armani Si Passione, a new fragrance in a red bottle, was released in 2017 and offers a similar interpretation of the original as Si Eau De Toilette did, but a bit stronger. With blackcurrant and pear top notes (two of my favourite fragrance notes!), plus pineapple along with some new floral notes in a rose and heliotrope, the patchouli and vanilla of the original come across as muted.

This is a less serious fragrance than Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum. I’d recommend Giorgio Armani Si Passione for day time and summer time, and then the original for the evening. You could also mix and layer it with the original to add a more fruity and floral element.

There is also a cute Laser Exclusive Edition of Si Passione which comes in a shiny red bottle.

Giorgio Armani Si Passione Intense

Giorgio Armani Si Passione Intense was released in 2020, and even though the bottle looks very similar to the original Si Passione, it’s quite a different fragrance.

This is a musky amber perfume, there isn’t the fruitiness of Passione, instead we have a woody musky base, a hint of the original vanilla and patchouli, and a deep blackcurrant top note. Jasmine in the heart makes this a sensual fragrance which I’d recommend for autumn and winter.

Giorgio Armani Si Passione Eclat

2022 saw the release of Giorgio Armani Si Passione Eclat De Parfum. This is a simpler version of Si Passione with some of the fruity notes removed.

There is a fresh citrus top note which is followed by a floral bouquet. The base notes have a hint of Vanilla and Musk but essentially this is a pretty rose scent.

There are now three different versions of Si which all come in red bottles and I think they look so similar that they could very easily be confused!

Giorgio Armani Si Fiori


Giorgio Armani Si Fiori has been a big hit for Armani. This is a really pretty orange blossom interpretation of the original. I love orange blossom as a fragrance note – I think it’s so classy and creates a really etherial quality to the perfume, like it’s sparkling. There is a hint of rose in the heart, again making this feel very pretty. The patchouli is removed though the vanilla stays, and the top note of blackcurrant is complimented with an orange – which of course also compliments the orange blossom. Si Fiori is great for a younger person, or for during the day in spring summer.

Giorgio Armani Si Fiori is discontinued but I’ve found it still available here. If you’re looking for a replacement for Si Fiori I recommend Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush.

Giorgio Armani Si Intense 2014


2014 saw an Intense version of Si released. This was broadly similar to the original, but with more blackcurrant and rose added. This has been replaced by the 2021 version (see below) but can still be found online here.

Giorgio Armani Si Intense 2021


In 2021 a new version of Giorgio Armani Si Intense was released and quickly became one of my favourite perfumes.

What I love about this is the strong blackcurrant syrup note, as opposed to blackcurrant in the other fragrances, a blackcurrant syrup is stronger and much more interested. Alongside a warm Turkish rose, this fragrance was my go-to all through the Christmas period.

Giorgio Armani Si Intense 2023

The Ultimate Guide to the Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Range

2023 sees the release of a slightly updated version of Si Intense Eau de Parfum. The fragrances comes in a new re-fillable bottle with the Si logo embossed in gold on the outside. The fragrance is very similar to the 2021 edition; in my view the only change is a slightly more powdery, vanilla undertone has replaced the benzoin in the base. However, the rose and blackcurrant notes are the same.

Giorgio Armani Si Intense 2023 refillable

Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature

Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature was launched in 2016 and is now discontinued (but still available online here!).

As the name indicates, this fragrance is all about rose. The strong rose scent is accompanied by a cosy and warm musky osmanthus, along with the signature blackcurrant we see in Si Passione.

The patchouli and vanilla fragrance notes of the original are very much still there as the scent settles down; making this overall a rosey version of original Giorgio Armani Si.

Giorgio Armani Si Limited Edition 2021

A gorgeous limited edition of Giorgio Armani Si Passione has been released for Christmas 2021 with a cute heart on the packaging and bottle.

Giorgio Armani Si Nacre

There have been a number of limited editions called Giorgio Armani Si Nacre. Each contains the original fragrance but comes in a limited edition bottle. When they’re in the sale this can be a cheaper way of getting original Si for less. Personally I think the glitter / sparkling Si Nacre is the cutest!

Cate Blanchett for Giorgio Armani Si

Cate Blanchett has been the face of the Giorgio Armani Si perfume range since its launch.

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