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Both the male and female fragrances from Paco Rabanne tend to pack quite a punch. The Olympéa fragrance range is no exception, with lots of strong vanilla perfumes ideal for a night out. This article explains what each Olympéa perfume smells like, and the difference between the nine different versions in the range.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Olympéa2015Vanilla, Salt, Jasmine, Ambergris
Olympéa Extrait2015Vanilla, Salt, Jasmine, Ambergris
Olympéa Aqua2016Citrus, Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Salt
Olympéa Intense2017Amber, Vanilla, Salt
Olympéa Aqua Légère2018Clementine, Water Jasmine, Salt, Vanilla
Olympéa Legend2019Plum, Apricot, Salt, Vanilla, Tonka Bean
Olympéa Blossom2021Rose, Pink Pepper, Pear, Blackcurrant
Olympéa Solar2022Orange, Ylang-Ylang
Olympéa Flora2023Patchouli, Rose, Blackcurrant

Table of Contents

Olympéa Eau de Parfum

Salty and Vanilla are the two words which immediately spring to mind when I think about Paco Rabanne Olympéa Eau de Parfum. The first in the fragrance range proved to be quite a hit because of its sweet yet clean longevity.

The addition of Salt prevents the Vanilla from being too sickly; instead it is reminiscent of a hot desert and the midday sun on your skin (quite similar to Juliette Has A Gun Vanilla Vibes).

There is a clean Jasmine floral heart which combines with the Vanilla and a stone-like Ambergris.

Olympéa is fairly strong and is the type of scent which feels more appropriate for a night out than a serious occasion during the day.

Olympéa Extrait de Parfum

Olympéa Extrait de Parfum is now discontinued though still available online here.

A perfume ‘extract’ is a stronger, more concentrated perfume compared to an ‘Eau de Parfum’. The scent only comes in a 30ml size because it is so concentrated.

This version of Olympéa is very similar to the original just stronger and even better for lasting.

Olympéa Aqua

As the name suggests, Olympéa Aqua is a fresher and aquatic take on the original Olympéa scent.

The perfume opens with a mix of watery citrus notes alongside a hint of ginger. The Jasmine note from the original perfume is replaced with Orange Blossom which makes the scent a bit fresher and more summery.

As the fragrance develops and settles the signature Salt and Vanilla perfume notes emerge.

I recommend Olympéa Aqua for during the day or for hotter weather. It could also be layered with some of the heavier versions to add a fresh citrus vibe.

Olympéa Intense

Paco Rabanne Olympéa Intense is a deeper, warmer, Amber version of the original perfume. The Amber combines well with the Vanilla and Salt notes to create what is indeed a more intense version of Olympéa.

Olympéa Intense is discontinued but still available online here.

Olympéa Aqua Légère

Paco Rabanne Olympéa Aqua Légère Eau de Parfum is the fruitiest version of Olympéa.

A Clementine top note combines with Lemon Blossom to create a fruity citrus opening. This is followed by warm solar notes, Water Lily and Water Jasmine.

The signature Salty Vanilla base comes through after the fruiter notes but it’s not as strong as in other versions of Olympéa.

Olympéa Aqua Légère is discontinued but still available online here.

Olympéa Legend

Olympéa Legend is probably the most popular fragrance in the Olympéa range, however it has now been discontinued.

It’s essentially a slightly warmer, slightly fruiter version of the original scent. The top notes are Plum and Apricot which work well with the Salty Vanilla to create a sweet warmth.

A Tonka Bean fragrance note has also been included which adds to the warmth of the scent.

The lasting power of Olympéa Legend is very good, like the original. I also recommend it s an evening fragrance as the strength and sweetness wouldn’t really feel appropriate for an office or professional environment.

Olympéa Blossom

In my view, Olympéa Blossom is a complete departure from all the previous versions of Olympéa.

The strength and sweetness of the Salty Vanilla are completely gone. Instead a light Blackcurrant and Pear create a fruity vibe which is supported by a light Rose and Pink Pepper.

Personally, I find Olympéa Blossom to be very light. It’s an ‘Eau de Parfum Florale’ but for me it performs like an Eau de Toilette.

Olympéa Solar

The latest release, Olympéa Solar, continues the lighter theme established by Olympéa Blossom.

As with my perfumes named ‘Solar’ an Orange note is prominent. Once the initial citrus burst has settled a slightly herbal Ylang-ylang perfume note comes through.

Olympéa Solar is light and simple. I think it could be layered on top of one of the stronger versions of Olympéa to create something slightly fresher for the summer months.

Olympéa Flora

As the world morned the passing of Paco Rabanne in 2023, a new flanker called Olympéa Flora was released.

This perfume looks quite similar to Olympéa Blossom but is very different! Although its floral, I find Olympéa Flora to be quite deep, mainly due to its patchouli base. The combination of Rose and Blackcurrant reminds me of the discontinued Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet!

Soki London

Sophie is the perfume enthusiast behind Soki London. She reviews the latest perfumes and entire perfume ranges on her YouTube channel and website.