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In this article, I’ll be taking a close look at the ten fragrances offered by Pepe Jeans; including the scent, the packaging, and the overall value of Pepe Jeans’ fragrances, so you can be sure to make the best choice when shopping for a new scent. So, let’s dive in and see what makes Pepe Jeans’ fragrances stand out from the rest!

In the US Pepe Jeans fragrances are available at Walmart and Amazon. In the UK they and Europe they can be found at The Fragrance Shop and Superdrug.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Pepe Jeans For Her2018Marshmallow, Almond and Tangerine
Pepe Jeans For Him2018Pineapple, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot
Pepe Jeans For Her Cocktail2019Pineapple and Raspberry,
Pepe Jeans For Him Cocktail2019Ginger and Grapefruit
Pepe Jeans Celebrate For Her2019Popcorn, Chestnut and White Pepper
Pepe Jeans Celebrate For Him2019Black Currant and Lime
Pepe Jeans Black Is Now For Her2020Floral Notes and Italian Mandarin
Pepe Jeans Black Is Now For Him2020Hazelnut, Nutmeg and Italian Mandarin
Pepe Jeans For Her London Calling2021Gin, Ginger and Lemon
Pepe Jeans For Him London Calling2021Chutney and Plum

Pepe Jeans For Her

Pepe Jeans for Her comes in a pink martini glass-shaped bottle that’s extremely attractive and elegant. It is a classic modern sweet scent which opens with marshmallow, almond and tangerine that balances well with vanilla and almond milk at the heart. It has a moderate sillage and longevity, the vodka doesn’t last for more than 10 seconds on me but it exudes a feminine scent which I love. A sweet, warm milky gourmand scent that I ideally think is best during the winter/ autumn season.

Pepe Jeans For Him

The opening of Pepe Jeans for Him is unexpectedly aromatic and fruity. It’s a bit more on the sour and earthy side. It has a pretty good fragrance and lasts well on me. An all year round scent which is a fresh fragrance and dries down into a masculine vanilla. It’s worth a try! 

Pepe Jeans For Her Cocktail

Pepe Jeans For Her Cocktail screams beaches, fruity, summer and tropical goodness! It is a blend of fresh pineapple, raspberry, blueberry, cassis with tiare flower and lemon blossom. At the dry down it has a musky, woody and amber scent that adds depth and warmth to the overall fragrance. If you love sweet, girly fragrances, you need this one for summer. 

Pepe Jeans For Him Cocktail

Pepe Jeans For Him Cocktail is a fun and youthful fragrance that opens with fizzy notes of grapefruit and ginger which gives a nice refreshing smell. At the heart of this creation is frozen yuzu and cardamom laid over a deep base with the intensity of dry woods. I find it a bit synthetic at the beginning but it later develops into a natural scent, definitely much better than I expected it to be. It has good longevity and sillage. 

Pepe Jeans Celebrate For Her

Pepe Jeans Celebrate For Her fragrance is quite different from its range, it’s more serious and heavy in scent. It has a caviar note and a savory undertone which I find strange and doesn’t sit well with me. It has an aquatic vanilla scent with vague white florals and chestnuts that adds a deep dark smell. Its nuttiness almost reminds me of Christmas! I wouldn’t repurchase this again but I think it’s subtle creaminess makes it an ideal winter time fragrance.  

Pepe Jeans Celebrate For Him

Pepe Jeans Celebrate For Him is a nice refreshing scent. It has a strong lemon fragrance that blends with cinnamon and cacao at the heart. It has moderate longevity and sillage. I’ll definitely be wearing this for casual settings, it’s a clean fragrance. I think it’s a nice youthful night time scent with a fun twist.

Pepe Jeans Black Is Now For Her

Pepe Jeans For Her Black Is Now is a lovely, sweet scent which is comforting and nice! I like the distinct biker leather scent that doesn’t overpower the fragrance. It has a unique sweet smell that blends really well with the floral notes and doesn’t make it too girly in fragrance. It has a good sillage and longevity with a spicy sweetness that balances the wood and amber with caramel, a fusion of modern and fun.

Pepe Jeans Black Is Now For Him

Pepe Jeans Black is Now For Him opens up with citrus and Italian mandarin, after five mins it settles down to a beautiful composition. I smell dark chocolate, dry woods and coffee! The lavender sits beneath, a creamy, frothy coffee. This is one of those rare times, when a fragrance has to settle down to really open up its notes. It has good projection and longevity. This fragrance doesn’t particularly stand out to me but on the right person it can blend well! 

Pepe Jeans For Her London Calling

Pepe Jeans For Her London Calling  opens with Gin, Ginger and Lemon that later combines with Jasmine and Lily-of-the-Valley to form a floral blend. It’s extremely warm and spicy on the first spritz then it settles into an ambery, woody and vanilla undertone. It has an average longevity and sillage. Nothing grounding breaking but definitely worth a try! 

Pepe Jeans For Him London Calling

Pepe Jeans For Him London Calling is an amber woody fragrance which is a great scent to wear in fall or winter. It is spicy yet sweet, strong yet plummy. I feel this is an amalgamation of fragrances, very fresh and aromatic that makes it so addictive when compared to the original. It is created by a combination of rare notes like chutney, plum, lemon with lavender, nutmeg and vanilla. Overall, it has moderate longevity and sillage, definitely repurchasing it again! 

Soki London

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