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It’s been nearly twenty years since the first Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume was released and it remains one of the best celebrity fragrances in my view. The SJP Lovely perfumes are really affordable but they’re still classy and have lasting power. This article reviews all the perfumes in the Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely fragrance range and links to where to get them.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely2005Lavender, Musk, Orchid, Wood
Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer2016Orange Blossom, Citrus
Sarah Jessica Parker Born Lovely2018Orange, Cassis, Orange Blossom
Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely You2020Musk, Jasmine, Waterlily
Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Lights2022Neroli, Honeysuckle

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely is a classy, calming fragrance which I know a lot of people use as their ‘work fragrance’. Musky Lavender notes create a scent which is somewhere between Narciso Rodriguez For Her and a classic L’Occitaine Lavender. A woody Orchid note in the heart of the fragrance adds femininity and a fresh citrus top note adds light.

You can find Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely for somewhere around $20-$30 which I think is a bargain. The gift set is always popular at Christmas time and offers super value for money!

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer Eau de Toilette is made for the hot days of a New York Summer. The sheer scent is a fresh Orange Blossom and Gardenia, with the same citrus opening note and Musk base which the original Lovely is famous for.

I love Orange Blossom in perfumes and so Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer is my favourite in the range. It is lighter than the original Lovely though, so I’d keep it for hot weather and the day time.

Sarah Jessica Parker Born Lovely

Sarah Jessica Parker Born Lovely is my personal favourite from the Lovely fragrance range. It has a lot of similarities with Lovely Sheer; with a pretty Orange Blossom heart note. It also uses Cassis (Blackcurrant) and Orange to create a thirst-quenching fruitiness. A hint of Patchouli and Caramel in the base are reminiscent of many designer perfumes released around the same time.

Sarah Jessica Parker Born Lovely is fun and fruity; it definitely brings a smile to my face.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely You

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely You is the most musky and powdery of the Lovely fragrances. It definitely has a scent of baby powder and it also has a relaxing feel to it in the same way the original Lovely does. Jasmine, Waterlily, Plum and Orange Blossom keep the scent feminine, while the base Musk note is the star of the show. Lovely You has a cashmere feel to it and so I think it would be lovely for a fragrance to wear on cosy days in.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Lights

The latest release in the range Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Lights, is a fresh floral scent. Honeysuckle, and Gardenia combine with the signature Musk base note to create an innocent white floral fragrance. Lots of Neroli and Orange create a top note which is slightly sharp and refreshing.

Sarah Jessica Parker For Her Lovely Perfume Range

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