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With so much focus on the Miss Dior and J’adore fragrances, it’s easy to forget the Dior Addict perfumes. The range has been around for over 20 years, with many flankers and different versions being released, particularly in the summer. Today, just three versions of Dior Addict remain, including the original Dior Addict Eau de Parfum which has been slightly reformulated from the original Addict scent. This article reviews the Dior Addict perfume range and links to where to get them.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Dior Addict Eau de Parfum2002 (re-released in 2014)Vanilla, Jasmine
Dior Addict Eau de Toilette2014Jasmine, Orange, Vanilla
Dior Addict Eau Fraiche2004 (re-released in 2014)Bergamot, Freesia, Lily of the Valley

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum is a deep Vanilla and Amber fragrance which came out long before deep Vanilla fragrances were cool. Orange Blossom and Jasmine both help create body and lasting power, as well as a familiarity with my Vanilla and White floral fragrances from Valentino Voce Viva to Paco Rabanne Olympea.

Originally released in 2002, Dior Addict has been reformulated; there used to be a Blackberry top note and a warm Tonka Bean in the base which combined with the Vanilla and made Dior Addict a bit more sexy than the current formulation.

After the Dior Poison perfumes, I think Dior Addict is the strongest perfume that Dior make.

Dior Addict Eau de Toilette

A number of versions of Dior Addict have been released, particularly around 2014 when Dior did a big advertising campaign for Dior Addict. Dior Addict Eau de Toilette is one of the few which remains in production. Unusually, it genuinely is a lighter version of the Eau de Parfum, as opposed to a different scent altogether. The Jasmine heart is the star of the show alongside a citrus Orange opening note. The Vanilla base note remains but it’s much less noticeable than in Dior Addict Eau de Parfum.

Dior Addict Eau de Toilette is great for Jasmine fans, or fans of the original who are looking for something lighter perhaps for a vacation or the summertime.

Dior Addict Eau Fraiche

Dior Addict Eau Fraiche is the lightest of the Addict perfumes. It’s a very light fragrance suitable for summer or for those looking to wear something subtle. Fresh Bergamot and Grapefruit open the fragrance, followed by Freesia and Lily of the Valley which have an airy white floral feel to them. It’s a slightly musky and powder fragrance which adds elegance, it also reminds of the discontinued Dior Addict 2.

Discontinued Versions of Dior Addict

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