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Dior Joy was released in 2018 as a new fresh scent with Jennifer Lawrence as the face of the fragrance campaign. Since the original 2018 release only one flanker, Dior Joy Intense, has been released. This article explains what they smell like and summarises the difference between the two.

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Dior Joy Eau de Parfum

Dior Joy Eau de Parfum opens with a very fresh citrus top note composed of bergamot, mandarin orange and a hint of peach.

What does Dior Joy smell like? The main scent is a jasmine and rose floral heart which is super feminine.

There is a slightly musky patchouli which makes up the base note, but predominantly this is a fresh floral scent.

Although Dior Joy is an Eau de Parfum, personally, I find it performs like an Eau de Toilette. Given that the 30ml starts at £59 I’d have liked this to have better lasting power. Having said that, this would be ideal for someone looking for something very light but classy, or perhaps for a young girl as their first perfume.

Dior Joy comes in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml sizes.

Dior Joy Intense Eau de Parfum

Dior Joy Intense is a stronger and warmer version of Dior Joy. Personally I prefer it to the original as it lasts longer and has a more interesting composition.

The jasmine and rose heart are the same, but what has been added is a neroli (which gives a stronger citrus scent than the fruity notes of the original).

The most significant additions are vanilla and tonka bean notes. These are both strong fragrance notes which add a warm and slightly sweet undertone; this makes the perfume stronger and a little bit more sexy.

Although slightly more expensive than original Dior Joy, I think the extra few pounds are well worth it.

Dior Joy Intense comes in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml sizes.

Dior Joy Body Products

Jennifer Lawrence for Dior Joy

Jennifer Lawrence has been the face of the Dior Joy launch campaign, the Joy Intense campaign and also a summer campaign.

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