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Tocca was originally an American clothing brand which has been around since 1994. Tocca is the Italian word for ‘Touch’ which echoed the details of the fabrics used in their fashionable clothes. Today, Tocca is no longer a fashion retailer, instead they are exclusively focused on their fragrances and accompanying products. This article reviews all the Tocca perfumes available today.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Stella2006Blood Orange, Freesia
Touch2006– Discontinued –
Florence2006Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine, Citrus
Colette2006Lemon, Vanilla
Cleopatra2007Grapefruit, Blackcurrant, Musk, Patchouli
Giulietta2009Lilac, Apple, Lily-of-the-valley
Brigitte2009– Discontinued –
Bianca2010Lemon, Rose, Lavender, Tea
Graciella2011– Discontinued –
Violette2012– Discontinued –
Liliana2013– Discontinued –
Margaux2013– Discontinued –
Simone2014Watermelon, Citrus
Isabel2015– Discontinued –
Emelia2016– Discontinued –
Maya2018Iris, Blackcurrant, Patchouli
Gia2019Rose, Tangerine
Belle2021Freesia, Bergamot
Lucia2023Fig Leaf, Fig, Sea Notes

In the US, Tocca perfumes are available at Sephora, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Amazon and BlueMercury. In the UK Tocca can be found at LookFantastic (UK) and in the rest of the world at LookFantastic International,

There have been a number of Tocca perfumes which are now discontinued, these include; Touch, Brigitte, Graciela, Violette, Liliana, Margaux, Isabel, and Amelia.

Tocca Stella

The original Tocca perfume remains one of the brand’s bestsellers. Blood Orange is the key fragrance note in Tocca Stella, starting off a citrus note theme which runs through almost every Tocca perfume. Aquatic Lily and Freesia create the heart notes, which are simple and feminine.

Tocca Stella isn’t a strong perfume, and like most in the range I recommend it for Spring or Summer.

Tocca Florence

Tocca Florence is a white floral fragrance; Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine, and Violet create the floral bouquet at the heart of the perfume. These floral notes have green undertones and are kept fresh with a citrus top note.

Florence is definitely a perfume for white floral perfume fans!

Tocca Colette

Tocca Colette is a feminine Lemon fragrance which has a hint of sweet Vanilla. This combination makes Tocca Colette reminiscent of Lemon cake; a comforting and homely scent. Colette is also quite light, and so generally lasts about an hour. I think it would be nice for a young girl or teenager, or for anyone looking for a very light fragrance.

Tocca Cleopatra

Tocca Cleopatra is a musky Patchouli perfume which tends to divide opinion. There are also slightly sour Grapefruit and Blackcurrant top notes which also aren’t for everyone.

Cleopatra is unique but I recommend trying it before going for a full bottle!

Tocca Giulietta

Tocca Giulietta smells like an English country garden in the spring time. Fresh Lilac and Lily-of-the-valley create a classical floral fragrance which has a fresh Green Apple opening note.

Tocca Bianca

Tocca Bianca is a calming, slightly aromatic Lemon fragrance. Hints of Rose, Lavender and Tea leaves create a sophisticated feminine fragrance which reminds me of the scent of an expensive spa or hotel.

I think Tocca Bianca is one of the best sellers in the range because of its unique and classy composition. If you’re looking to try your first Tocca perfume, then Tocca Bianca is probably the best the start with.

Tocca Simone

Tocca Simone reminds me of Tocca Belle but with Watermelon added. Apple and Lemon mix with Watermelon and Frangipani to create a fresh tropical scent ideal for summer.

Tocca Simone is included in my list of the Best Watermelon Perfumes.

Tocca Maya

Tocca Maya is a sultry Iris fragrance which combines sharp Blackcurrant with feminine Violet and a Patchouli base.

Although Maya feels deep and wintery, it isn’t heavy and lasts a couple of hours. If you like chypre or patchouli based perfumes but find many too strong, then Tocca Maya could be a nice soft chypre fragrance to try.

Tocca Gia

Gia is Tocca’s Rose perfume, reflected in a bright red glass perfume bottle. It’s a relatively delicate rose which is kept fresh with a Tangerine note and a feminine Pink Pepper.

Tocca Gia is an Eau de Parfum but it’s particularly strong; I recommend it for Spring and Summer. If you’re looking for a strong Rose fragrance, check out my article on the best Rose perfumes.

Tocca Belle

Tocca Belle is a light citrus and Freesia fragrance. It’s definitely suitable for hot weather, as the opening note is a slightly sharp and refreshing Bergamot. Petitgrain adds a hint of greenery to the Freesia heart note which is innocent and light-hearted.

Tocca Lucia

Tocca Lucia feels to me like a unisex fragrance; its primary note is a very green fig leaf which I think is gender neutral. Fig leaf smells a bit like Ivy and in Tocca Lucia it creates a type of seaweed note that combines with the fresh sea notes to inspire a feeling of being on a beach. The projection of Tocca Lucia is pretty good compared to the others in the range and it’s unique scent makes it stand out.

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