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Lychee (also known as litchi) is a slightly sour, fruity fragrance note which naturally combines well with rose. In the past few years I’ve noticed lychee being used more and more in fragrances, adding a tropical feel to many scents. This article invites you on an olfactory journey, exploring the delicate balance between the luscious sweetness of lychee and the myriad of complementary notes that transform it into a symphony of different types of fragrance.

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Kayali Eden Sparkling Lychee

Released in 2023, Kayali Eden Sparkling Lychee is a fruity companion to the brand’s previous Eden Juicy Apple. Both fragrances are light-hearted and fun and offer that fruity-floral feeling which takes me back to my teenage years. After the lychee and blackcurrant top notes fade, Kayali Eden Sparkling Lychee reveals a feminine floral heart which is very soft. This definitely feels like one of the lighter scents in the Kayali range; I recommend it for hot, carefree summer days!

Thierry Mugler Angel Nova

Thierry Mugler Angel Nova is my top recommendation for the best Lychee perfume. Mugler perfumes are known for having excellent lasting power and Nova is no exception. Angel Nova smells nothing like the original Angel fragrance, it’s a completely different perfume.

Alongside the strong and fresh Lychee scent a soft Rose makes up the heart of the fragrance, keeping it feminine.

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Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl comes in the iconic shoe-shaped perfume bottle in a bright red. It’s very different to the original Good Girl which is a sexy white floral. Very Good Girl is a combination of Lychee and Rose; echoing Mugler Angel Nova. I find the Rose is slightly more prominent in Very Good Girl, whereas in Angel Nova the Lychee is very much the star of the show.

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L’Occitane Rose Eau de Toilette

L’Occitane En Provence Rose Eau de Toilette is a light, fresh Rose and Lychee fragrance. Simple and clean, this is a feminine everyday fragrance.

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Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lychee Lime

Probably the most affordable Lychee perfume, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lychee Lime. A gently aromatic green tea scent is made zesty and fun with sharp Lime and fruity Lychee.

This fragrance is available in the US here, and in the UK/Europe at Amazon and Sephora.

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Giorgio Armani Sky di Gioia

Giorgio Armani Sky di Gioia is the lightest in the Gioia perfume range. Fresh Peony combines with Lychee to create an innocent and pretty scent.

I think Sky di Gioia is the lightest Lychee perfume option, perhaps suitable for a young girl or someone looking for a very light fragrance.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa

Rose is again combined with Lychee in Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa Eau de Toilette. Lychee, Blackcurrant and Peony accompany a soft rose heart to create a fruity floral scent made for the summer time.

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Juliette Has A Gun Miss Charming

Juliette Has A Gun Miss Charming is one of the more girly fragrances in the brand’s portfolio. Fruity Strawberry and Lychee create a fun top note which is sweet but still refreshing. These notes are followed by a Rose heart which is also soft and combines well with the Lychee, which lingers alongside the Rose for a few hours.

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