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At first it might feel like Rhubarb is an odd ingredient to use in a perfume. However, it actually works really well; creating a green, sharp fruity feeling to a fragrance which is ideal for humid weather. This article outlines the best rhubarb perfumes and links to where to get them.

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Floral Street Electric Rhubarb

My top Rhubarb perfume recommendation is Floral Street Electric Rhubarb. This vegan and cruelty-free fragrance combines fresh aquatic notes with Rhubarb which make it very refreshing. It’s also an Eau de Parfum and so has ok lasting power.

Nina Ricci Bella

Nina Ricci Bella despite coming in an apple-shaped perfume bottle, is actually all about Rhubarb. A hint of sweet Vanilla and Freesia add depth to Bella, but I’d say 80% of the scent is Rhubarb.

Nina Ricci Bella is discontinued but still available at Walmart, and Amazon in the US, and here in the UK.

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Hermes Eau De Rhubarbe Ecarlate

Hermes Eau De Rhubarbe Ecarlate is probably the most expensive Rhubarb fragrance in this list. Hermes make a number of green, refreshing fragrances and I think Eau De Rhubarbe Ecarlate is probably the fruitiest. It’s a simple combination or Rhubarb and Redcurrant; classy and sophisticated whilst still being light-hearted.

Miller Harris Lost in the City

Miller Harris Lost in the City is an aromatic Rhubarb fragrances. Geranium, Angelica, Blackcurrant and a musky Early Gray Tea fragrance note combine with Rhubarb to create a green, calming fragrance.

Miller Harris fragrances are available on the Miller Harris websiteLOOKFANTASTICEscentualAllBeauty, and Sephora.

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Thierry Mugler Aura

Aura is the newest pillar fragrance from Thierry Mugler, following on from the hugely successful Alien and Angel. Just like its predecessors, Aura is incredibly strong and long lasting. It’s also a fragrance unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before; green Rhubarb notes are combined with Vanilla, Orange Blossom and Amberwood to create something I imagine is what an alien world’s forest would smell like.

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Kenzo Flower Tag

The extensive Flower by Kenzo range is primarily made up of floral fragrances, however Kenzo Flower Tag is a very fruity Rhubarb and Blackcurrant fragrance. A feminine Peony heart adds to the innocence of Kenzo Flower Tag which I think is suitable for a young girl as well as for an every day women’s summer scent.

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