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The Ellis Brooklyn line of fragrances is a collection of luxurious, niche Eau de Parfums created by US former beauty journalist Bee Shapiro. Combining natural, sustainable ingredients with a modern, sophisticated design, Ellis Brooklyn has created a unique range of fragrances that has been embraced by many. In this article, I take a closer look at the Ellis Brooklyn fragrances to determine if they are worth the price. I discuss the ingredients used and the overall scent profiles.

PerfumeReleaseFragrance Notes
Myth2016Ambrette, Bergamot and Cassis
Rrose2016Sicilian Lemon, Cassis and Pear
Fable2016Neroli and Blackburrant
Raven2016Rhubarb and Mandarin Orange
Rives2017Neroli and Petitgrain
Sci-fi2017Bitter Orange and Bergamot
Fawn2018Neroli, Sicilian Bergamot and Magnolia
West2019 Blood Orange, Clementine, Basil and Lemon
Sweet2020Pear, Ambrette and Bergamot
Salt2020Ylang-Ylang and Violet leaves
Apres2021Juniper Berries, Cardamom and Saffron
Bee2021Rum and Davana
Super Amber2021Amber, Musk
Sun fruit2022Pear, Fig, Bergamot and Plum Tree
Vanilla Milk2022Milk, Peony, Frangipani and Jasmine
Florist2023Tuberose, Honeysuckle, Ambroxan

Ellis Brooklyn is available in the US at Ulta, the UK at Space NK, Canada at Sephora, and Fresh Fragrances in Australia.

Ellis Brooklyn Myth

For me, Ellis Brooklyn Myth epitomises the fragrance line; it’s a clean, musky, aquatic-floral fragrance. Myth is a sophisticated fragrance which creates an airy blend of jasmine, orchid and cedarwood all wrapped in a cosy musk. It lasts well on me and it is not powdery, this is a fresh musk perfume which is quite rare.

Ellis Brooklyn Rrose

Rrose is beautiful and a classic rose perfume. It starts off with a crisp, clean, slightly honeyed rose, and develops to reveal peony, and green accords alongside the rose. Ellis Brooklyn Rrose to me is an all-season rose perfume as it lasts well but I personally would prefer it in spring. It smells of petals and is a definitely a must-try for floral scent lovers! 

Ellis Brooklyn Fable

Fable is an extremely light scent focusing on the fragrance notes of neroli and honeysuckle. As Ellis Brooklyn Fable settles, it gets deeper, warmer, and a hidden amber and cedar make their appearance. Fable a combination of floral, woody and musky fragrance. It’s bright and clear, the dry down is clean-girl sexy. It’s sour, crispy and is definitely worth a try! 

Ellis Brooklyn Raven

Ellis Brooklyn Raven is a sexy and elegant perfume which has a mysterious and captivating personality. It starts out as a woody and musky scent but after just a few minutes the vanilla and patchouli come out strong. Raven is definitely a winter scent for me as it has the creamy sweetness which is comforting during the chilly days. 

Ellis Brooklyn Rives

This fragrance reminds me of a breezy Spring day. Initially I find the orange blossom and neroli notes to be the most intense. A calming Lavender note balances out the citrus quite nicely but the fresh and slightly green neroli remains the main note.

Ellis Brooklyn Rives is definitely a Spring or Summer fragrance which would be very suitable for work.

Ellis Brooklyn Sci-fi

Sci-fi is my personal favourite Ellis Brooklyn perfume. The fragrance is a unique sweet citrus tea with a playful twist! It opens with bitter orange and bergamot which blends with pink freesia and green tea in the heart.

At the base vanilla and cedarwood add a familiar yet attractively futuristic feel which absolutely suits the name Sci-fi.

Ellis Brooklyn Fawn

This fragrance makes me fawn over it! Ellis Brooklyn Fawn is a simple and light-hearted fragrance without any distinct floral characteristics but it’s subtlety is everything. The blend of neroli, coconut milk, watery bergamot, and tender, dew-kissed rosebuds with the clean lily-of-the-valley is so beautifully done. It dries down to a lingering fusion of musk, amber and vanilla. The sillage is moderate, but the scent lasts for ages on my skin. It is as vernal and soft as its name!

Ellis Brooklyn West

Ellis Brooklyn West is an ideal green summer perfume for those who love aromatic or herbal fragrances! I mainly smell lemon and basil with lingering notes of orange and grapefruit. The juiciness becomes more watered down over time. It has a pretty good sillage and longevity compared to the other Ellis Brooklyn fragrances I’ve tried! It’s inoffensive and airy, hard to go wrong with!

Ellis Brooklyn Sweet

Ellis Brooklyn Sweet is a fruity floral and gourmand fragrance that smells like pound cake. The blend of Pear, Musk, Bergamot and Violet, Marshmallow, Amber and Cashmere makes it earthy and yet sweetly comfortable at the same time. This doesn’t last that long on me and its not too heavy but as a Vanilla fan I like this fragrance, it’s sweet just like its name. 

Ellis Brooklyn Salt

Ellis Brooklyn Salt is a pleasant, fresh, aquatic scent for summer. It reminds me of being by the coast and smelling the scent of the waves hitting the coastal rocks. The top notes of Ylang-Ylang and Violet are well-rounded with Tiare Flower and Magnolia. In the climax, it is musky and woody which brings out the salty and fresh beachy fragrance.

If you like oceanic and aquatic fragrance check out my article on the best fragrances that smell like the ocean.

Ellis Brooklyn Apres

Ellis Brooklyn Apres is a sharp, woody, spicy and minty scent. It has a beautiful blend of Juniper Berries, Cardamom and Saffron with Whiskey, Violet and Praline at the heart. The base notes of cedar, wood, vanilla, musk and patchouli makes it aromatic and very gender neutral, I can see this worn by men and women. I think it’s perfect for cold nights as it makes me think of snow, wood stoves and warm cuddles!

Ellis Brooklyn Bee

Ellis Brooklyn Bee is a pretty linear and straight forward fragrance which opens with honey and vanilla which make it warm. There are also sweet notes of chocolate and rum at the dry down. This is definitely an evening event because of its sweet ingredients, however it isn’t overpowering so don’t worry about it smelling too sweet!

Ellis Brooklyn Super Amber

I find Ellis Brooklyn Super Amber a rather simple amber fragrance which is ideal for amber fragrance lovers who don’t want a heavy perfume (as most amber perfumes tend to be!). Super Amber projects well, and dries down to reveal a slightly woody base. I think Ellis Brooklyn Super Amber is a unisex fragrance which could be worn at any time of year or for any occasion.

Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit

Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit is a sophisticated summer scent, which reminds me of star fruit. The combination of pear, fig, and coconut works really well together to create a typical summer fragrance. I think the bright yellow perfume bottle accurately reflects how this perfume makes you feel! Overall it is a light, refreshing perfume with moderate sillage and longevity; ideal for day time in the summer and humid weather.

Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk

Vanilla Milk is an amber vanilla fragrance so it isn’t overly sweet. A creamy milk accord creates a creamy lactonic vanilla scent. I find the fragrance sexy without being overpowering, but I think you definitely need to like milky perfumes to like Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk.

Ellis Brooklyn Florist

For me, Florist is a perfect example of a ‘pink’ perfume. It does exactly what it says it will; smelling just like walking into a florist. The floral notes of tuberose and honeysuckle are made modern and fresh alongside an undertone ambroxan which creates a creamy feeling after an hour or so.

Soki London

Sophie is the perfume enthusiast behind Soki London. She reviews the latest perfumes and entire perfume ranges on her YouTube channel and website.